Karthik Tyagi says I learned a lot while touring Australia as a net bowler



Karthik Tyagi, the latest hero of the Rajasthan Royals, benefited greatly from his tour of Australia as the net bowler for the Indian team last year, during which time he received tips from fast bowler Jaspreet Bumra.

Pacer defended four runs in the final over to lead his team to a glorious victory over the Punjab Kings in the IPL on Tuesday.

“When I went to Australia, I learned a lot. A lot of players were injured and a youngster could win the tournament and I want to win matches for India,” Tiyagi said.

Mumbai Indians fast bowler Bumra praised Tiyagi in the last over against Punjab.

“When I went to Australia, I did not go to Jaspreet Bay because I was nervous, but he came to me and discussed many things with me. It was a great moment,” he said.

“Personally, when I saw him tweet about me, I was very happy because he is one of the best bowlers in the world, he is my hero and he has tweeted about me.”

In the last over against Punjab, he said he would bowl six yorkers. He took two wickets, while giving only one run for two runs victory for RR.

“When Mustafizur Rahman was bowling, he was a left-handed batsman and left-arm fast bowler and it did not look like the match would last until the last over as it was a short end,” Tiyagi told a virtual press conference on Friday.

“But there was a little bit of pressure and excitement as he gave up four runs in the last over, but I don’t think I can defend the score.

“When I threw three balls, I probably started believing it was possible, and then when it happened on the last ball, I felt so happy.”

Tyagi said he did not feel any pressure when asked to bowl the final over.

“When I was on the run-up, Sanju Baya (Sanju Samson), Chris Morris, asked me what my plans were and also discussed their plans. They were very supportive,” he said.

I didn’t feel any pressure since I needed four of six balls. I would have been under more pressure if I had to defend 10 off six balls because people would naturally think we lost the match because we could score 4 off six balls.

“I also felt like it would be chased in 3-4 balls because it would be over even if they took four singles but I threw three balls once and now everyone was starting to believe that the match could be returned, I was clear that I had to throw the ball six yorkers.

When asked about his ambition as a player, Tiyagi said: “I know I can spin the ball in both directions and I can throw the ball fast. I dream of being the best, so I always want to help the team and perform better in the future. I think so.

“If I say bowling with a new ball, I can swing it and throw the ball faster in the middle overs, because I consider them my strength, and as I get older, I will accumulate more experience, so I want to help RR.”

Rajasthan will face Delhi capital at the top of the table on Saturday, Tyagi said, adding that he will focus on the process.

“Not only Delhi capitals, all the teams are good. So I did not plan against any particular team, I follow the process. Like the last over, I had to bowl six balls, so I want to follow this process,” he said.


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