Keanu Reeves and Gary-Ann Moss “never thought there would be another movie”


The Matrix Renaissance: Keanu Reeves and Gary-on-Moss 'Never Thought There Was Another Movie'

Keenu Reeves and Gary-on Moss from a still The Matrix4.


  • “It’s a complete shock to me,” came the call for carry-on matrix 4
  • “I was 100% sure it would never happen again,” he said
  • Keenu Reeves shared another Matrix story, “Glad we got it.”

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The world is currently enjoying the impression of 1999 Teja Woo, no it is not a stumbling block in the Matrix – Neo and Trinity return to the big screen The Matrix Renaissance, Directed by Lana Wachowski, half of the original siblings The Matrix And its sequels, Reloaded And Revolutions. Some of the notable cast of the fourth film did not participate – Morpheus and Agent Smith were played by Yahya Abdul-Madin II and Jonathan Graf instead of Lawrence Fishburn and Hugo Weaving – but both main characters were promisingly familiar. Keanu Reeves and Gary-Ann Moss are repeating their roles as Neo and Trinity, the rebellious men against the computer program running in the “world”. The Matrix.

In fact, there can be no fourth The Matrix A film without Keanu Reeves or Gary-on-Moss but 18 years after the final film of the original trilogy, the actors never imagined for themselves that they would break the black skin and martial arts moves again. The Matrix Revolutions, Released in 2003. “I never thought I would be in something else The Matrix Picture, I was 100% sure this would never happen again. I was completely shocked when I was invited to play that role, “Gary-Ann Moss told NDTV of Trinity’s awkward fight scenes.


Keenu Reeves and Gary-on Moss from a still The Matrix Renaissance.

Keanu Reeves also did not expect to star in Neo again. “I don’t think we’ll share another The Matrix Story. I’m glad we have and I hope the audience will like it, “he said.

The Matrix When it was released in 1999 it changed the cinema on many levels, including Neo and any other romantic partnership in Trinity. “Neo and Trinity love each other. There is purity, there is strength, there is unity and respect between them,” Keenu said.


Keenu Reeves and Gary-on Moss from a still The Matrix Renaissance.

Keenu and Gary-an never expected to take another picture The Matrix In installments, fans wrapped Neo and Trinity in cotton wool, mostly because they both died in the revolution – however, the film ended with the Matrix being restarted. Since it had been a long time since Keenu had hung his leather coat, he looked back at the original images to cast him in the role again. The Matrix Renaissance. “I saw the trilogy before filming started,” he said. “I did, too,” Carrie-Ann Moss added.

Millionaires and even younger moviegoers will see the new The Matrix Film and caring like the previous generation did? That’s not something that bothers Carrie-on Moss. “I do not know. I’m bad at this. I can not even imagine what viewers will experience and how they will be affected. My brain does not work like that. So I do not know it. It’s very interesting to watch, and I’m interested in it too.”


Keenu Reeves and Gary-on Moss from a still The Matrix Renaissance.

Keenu and Gary-Ann aside, there are two reasons to look at India The Matrix Renaissance – Tanveer K Adwal played the role of the conspirator Reloaded, Expanded and reacted with Priyanka Chopra, and Purab Kohli appears as a game developer. Zada Pinkett Smith and Lambert Wilson reprise their roles as Neope and The Merovingian. Reloaded And Revolutions And Neil Patrick joins the cast as Harris Neo’s therapist.

Warner Bros. The Matrix Renaissance It is released in theaters in India in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.


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