Kejriwal to PM Modi: Why is Lakhimpur being blamed?



Demanding the removal of Union Minister Ajay Mishra from the cabinet, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi as to why he was not arrested in connection with the Lakhimpur Gari incident and why efforts are being made to protect the accused.

Several opposition leaders tried to reach Lakhimpur Gari after eight people, including four farmers, were killed during a farmers’ protest. Four farmers were killed by SUVs owned by Union Moses Ajay Misra, while others were killed in succession. Misra’s son was reportedly in the car when the incident happened.

Aam Aadmi Party MP

Prime Minister, the people of this country are waiting for justice in the Lakhimpur Kejri case. Why have the accused not been arrested yet? Why are they protected? There are videos showing the accused running towards the farmers in the crowd and the organization making every effort to protect the accused. We saw this in Hindi films. What message are we trying to send? Will money and power allow you to outdo anyone? It looks like the whole organization and the government are controlled by that car, ”Kejriwal told a news conference on Wednesday.

Asked why opposition leaders were not allowed to visit Lakhimpur to meet the families of farmers, Kejriwal said, “Opposition members who try to meet families are being imprisoned. This happened during the British Raj. Is this why our ancestors fought for freedom? What is the government trying to cover up? The whole world wants to know what happened, ”he said.

The Delhi Chief Minister demanded the immediate arrest of the culprit, saying, “Farmers have been protesting for a year. Today that organization says it is not the son of a minister. Tomorrow they will say no to the car, then the farmers will say no. The culprit should be arrested immediately. The Prime Minister should remove the Minister from his Cabinet.


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