KKR vs RCB: Unnecessary record for Bangalore, huge win for Kolkata


It was KKR’s biggest win and RCB’s biggest defeat (60 balls). Tonight, KKR’s biggest win with 37 balls remaining. They won with 60 balls remaining today.

Not only this, Kohli and KKR also have a history of intertwining. In 2008, a young Kohli made his debut against KCR in their first IPL match against RCB.

This is KKR’s 200th IPL match and Kohli’s 200th IPL match. The RCB captain became the first player today to play in 200 IPL matches for an owner.

This is the sixth time in IPL cricket that an RCB has been bowled under 100. The only side to bowl frequently under 100 is the Delhi Capitals, who have done it 10 times.

This is the sixth consecutive defeat for Bangalore in the United Arab Emirates. Their first innings total was 92, the sixth lowest total by RCB in IPL history.

The accuracy of the KKR bowlers is commendable as they did not give a single six when bowling to RCB.

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