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Listening to Krishnamafsari Srikanth commentary on T20 games is almost like he is batting. An uninterrupted stream of consciousness, full pleasure in seeing great successes, constant advising of batsmen or bowlers and uninterrupted use of spoken Tamil. “Udatara, pottu sattu machan!” (Don’t give up on it, buddy! He has regular siga-ims: King over the nose (Over the nose, King!) A mistake to pass the ball straight up to the fielder for a catch dolly. Dil-ku-tuttu! (Money for courage!) His worst plea to the batsmen, don’t let that white ball explode. Dil-ku-tuttu macchi .. Athura-Athura (Hit hit). He takes Mickey from other commentators and plays enough to get some back. We will end with a story when he was the selector of the Tamil Nadu Ranji team. He asks a debutant his batting strategy and the tense batsman said he respects the attack by briefly defending him. Srikanth, as the story goes, wears an incredible look and snores “Safe? Day! Lying feet-Ra! (Go and knock) ”!

Rohit’s bat has nine lives

Sunil Narine had a tree on Rohit Sharma in the IPL and it is no surprise that he got his man for the ninth time. Sharma, who was playing in line, had a sharp cutter like a leg cutter who hit the whole thing. Sharma pursed his lips and waved it as he exited. With Quinton de Gock unable to go against the spinners with a 70+ strike rate against tweaks at the time, Sharma was left to try ahead. He went for the slug sweep, but it was the back of the elongated distribution that shaped a touch. Unable to go under the ball or swing with the turn, it was no surprise he loaded it straight into the long-on. As always Narine’s celebration was muted. He turned and waited for Chapman Gill to grab it, grabbing his right fist and slowly raising it up and down. There was no expression on the face; The slow mo-pumping of that fist in getting his man back.

Prasith sees his clip click

Prasidh Krishna was not his starter when it came to throwing the last over of the Power Play. Instead of his seam-up, back-span delivery, especially since Quinton de Gock was not yet fluent, he began to slow down. One went missing a long distance, and he lost his castle and tailed a pair of pads. He scored 16 runs in that over and did not function till the 13th over. Fortunately, he started this time with his stockpile of weapons and took Suryakumar Yadav out with a seaming delivery around the off stump. Needless to say the arms shoulder said something to Ishan Kishan and he was happy and even found his tongue. Krishna was one of the young Indian bowlers who never hesitated to say a word to the batsmen and he returned to his elements after that terrible first over.

Strange Pollard

In the fourth ball of the 19th over, Kieron Pollard looked like an unnatural ramp shot (or was it a scoop? Before. Everyone around, including Pollard, could not resist laughing. This is not the first time he has left the ball on his bizarre pitch. He did it very traditionally in the last ball of Prasidh Krishna in the 18th over. He hit it well with the third man, but the ball went sharply into the body, strangling the room. So, at the last moment, he came out of the stroke. You don’t often see Pollard dropping the ball once, and it’s weird that he does it twice between two balls. And the hot, blowing cold knock ended up bizarre – in a run-out, entirely his own fault, he responded lazily to the striker’s call.

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