Knight takes over the king: Kohli falls into embarrassing challenges by inspired KKR


Crack bowlers who act with intensity and aggression, spin bowlers throw bamboo with their variations. When a team faces a devastating opposition that wants to turn its luck around, it always thinks of taking wickets.

Bangalore Royal Challengers scored 92 and Kolkata Knight Riders won by 9 wickets with 10 overs to spare. In addition to the two points, the effect it has on the net run rate cannot be ignored.

Aggression with the ball

The Kolkata Knight Riders, seventh in the resumption, bowled all the guns against the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Fast men Loki Ferguson and Andre Russell targeted the ribs, and when AB de Villiers came to the crease in anticipation of another short, the West Indies player surprised him with a point yorker first ball.

Although Angel Padikkal and KS Bharat threatened to set a stage for the accusation of De Villiers and Glenn Maxwell, KKR did not back down. Ein Morgan’s team needs to win six of seven games to be counted after the first round in the summer. Both batsmen succumbed to the dug balls, and when the spinners arrived, RCB’s pain increased further.

Varun Chakraborty and Sunil Narine did not give up the stumps, though they guessed which way the ball would divert the batsmen. That’s why they were always in the game with bowling and LBW options.

The Emperor was almost a hat-trick record — denied on the inner edge — and the RCB players had very little idea of ​​the former architect’s designs.

The fact that De Villiers and Maxwell have not played any competitive cricket since the IPL was suspended in May does not help the RCB’s cause. Padikkal and Bharat showed their views on their ability, but it was always an uphill battle against a revived team when the big guns stumbled.

KKR came into the game with only five specialist bowlers, relied on Russell to complete his full assignment, and the maneuver worked.

The head falls, the body follows

Prasidh Krishna would have bowled a lot on the web for Virat Kohli during the England tour.

Watching one’s heroes from close quarters will remove some of the brilliance and nerves. But Kohli saw enough to know what Krishna had to offer – hitting the pitch at speed, good sewing position, aiming for stumps and movement in both directions. So when the two came face to face in the second over of the match, there was something to be expected.

The story is set – this is Kohli’s 200th game for the RCB, the first player to reach that milestone for a single owner, and his first trip since announcing his resignation as T20 captain for both the club and the country on Monday. So when he played the dream cover drive to the limit, Kohli seemed to be on his way to releasing a statement.

But the next ball gave such assumptions completely in advance. It was more complete than the previous delivery, and was seamed after pitch towards the middle and foot stump. The removal of Kohli has been going on frequently in the past. In Abu Dhabi, his front leg went too far and fell over his head and the ball escaped from the inner edge and collided with the pad.

The referee’s finger went up and despite a dramatic delay in the ball-watching films, when they arrived, they showed a delivery over the middle and foot stump.

Although he spoiled some of his work with his oversteping and high full dose in his next over, Krishna kept the knights on their way by fighting well and truly.

Meanwhile, according to RCB, all the focus on the goalie was in front of the game as it fell on the head and other parts of the body followed it.

No prisoners

With over half the work done and a small amount to chase, Chapman Gill and newcomer Venkatesh Iyer made their business happy with head coach Brendan McCullum, who said he was paralyzed by fear in the first half. Competition.

KKR openers did not take their feet off the throat of the depressed RCB suit, with the intention of getting the job done quickly. Gill combined his elegant strokes with a few more combative ones, while Iyer was a fresh breath.

It was a game where everything fell apart for KKR. They needed such encouragement at the resumption of the match. They still have to do everything to get something out of this season, but may have found a template going forward.

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