Kumshet: A young man and a young woman were electrocuted by an open cable in heavy rain



A 20-year-old boy and his cousin were electrocuted when they went to catch crabs in a pasture near Kamshet in Pune district on Monday night.

Pune Rural Police have identified Avinash Bhagat, 16, and his cousin Ravindra Bhagat, 23, of Shirde village in Mane taluka. Officials of the Kamshet police station in the rural part of Pune said a group of seven youths had gone to an area about 60 km from Pune city on Monday night.

Sub-inspector Abhijit Pawar, who is probing the case, said, “A group of seven local youths went to catch crabs on a grazing land in Uksan Badar area on Monday night. Heavy rain fell in the area. Two of them emerged as electricity flowed through them and it rained on the ground. Police said they were investigating how the cable was exposed and how the youth was electrocuted.


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