Lakhimpur Gary incident: 2 Congress chiefs announce relief; Rahul and Priyanka met the families of the farmers


Because the Uttar Pradesh government allowed political parties to go to Lakhimpur Eight people, including four farmers, were killed SundayCongress leaders Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi, along with Punjab and Chhattisgarh chief ministers and other party leaders, met some of the affected families on Wednesday.

On Wednesday night, Congress leaders visited the home of 19-year-old farmer Lovepreet Singh, who was killed on Sunday, and offered their condolences at their home in Palia tehsil in the district.

After spending about half an hour there, the Congress team left for Nikasan Tehsil to meet the family of one of the victims, journalist Raman Kashyap. Their last stop in the district is the house of Nachadar Singh, a 55-year-old farmer from The Dha Raha area who was killed on Sunday.

On Thursday, Congress leaders are expected to travel to Bahrain to meet the families of Gurwinder Singh, 18, and Diljeet Singh, 35. A group of farmers protesting on Sunday.

Besides Rahul and Priyanka, Punjab Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Bagal, Congress leaders Randeep Surjewala, Deepender Singh Hooda and Casey Venugopal and Congress UP faction leader Ajay Kumar Lallu were among the Congress delegation that met the family.

After meeting the Congress delegation, Lovepreet’s father Satnam Singh, a small farmer, told The Indian Express, “They spoke to us and expressed their condolences. They promised to help us get justice. Justice will only happen if the minister resigns and his son is arrested. Several days have passed, but no arrests have been made from videos showing what happened.

More drama took place at the Lucknow airport on Wednesday afternoon, with Congress leaders urging people to travel to Lakhimpur Kerry in their private vehicles, while security officials asked them to travel in an official government vehicle “to avoid traffic on the way”.

“Do you decide how I will go? Tell me the regime in this country, where you can tell a citizen to cross this path,” Rahul Gandhi told police officials.

Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi met relatives of slain farmers in Lakhimpur on Wednesday. (Photo: Twitter / Rahul Gandhi)

“They want us to go with them in their vehicle. I am a citizen of this country, I have come to Uttar Pradesh. First they say I can go, then they say you have to go in a police vehicle. I want to go to Lakhimpur Kerry. They think we are afraid of them, but we are not.” Gandhi told the media.

An hour back and forth, Gandhi and the others sat in protest at the airport, and at 3.30 pm, they finally left for Lakhimpur in their private vehicles.

Before leaving, Sunny and Bagel announced compensation of Rs 50 lakh each to four farming families and close relatives of the journalist killed on Sunday.

Congress leaders took AICC general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who had been detained since Monday, before leaving for Lakhimpur Gari at the PAC guest house in Sitapur district.

Regarding the easing of restrictions on political parties coming to Lakhimpur, the law and order ADG, Prashant Kumar, said the government has no intention of restricting anyone’s movement, but it is done to ensure peace in the region. Permission is now granted under Section 144, which allows only five persons at a time, he said.

Responding to Congress leaders’ visit to Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh cabinet minister Siddharth Nath Singh accused them of doing “urban (negative)” politics. The government has taken some steps with law and order in mind. It’s okay if you visit families, but you can not spoil the environment there, ”he said.

Earlier, Gandhi, who addressed a press conference before leaving for Lucknow, surrounded Sunny and Bagel, accusing the government of keeping them out of the Lakhimpur gorge and saying they wanted to put pressure on them to “take action against those who killed the farmers”. .

“We want to send a message of hope to the farmers. In this country, if a farmer is killed, the culprits cannot escape, even if it is the son of the home minister,” he said.

Gandhi accused the UPA government of stopping the TMC leaders and Congress leaders from allowing Chandrasekhar of the Beam Army to go to Lakhimpur, saying, “Democracy used to exist here, but today there is dictatorship in India. Politicians cannot go to UP.

He accused the government of “planning an attack” and inciting farmers, and accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of avoiding the Lakhimpur carriage during his visit to Lucknow.

Earlier, Lakhimpur Gary Police and Priyanka Gandhi denied the information that she was arrested on Tuesday and told the Sitapur SDM Sadar PL Maurya The Indian Express, “She was held on detention basis and was not arrested because we told her we were free. Have to go anywhere other than Lakhimpur Kerry. Now if the DM of Lakhimpur Carrie allows her, we can let her go to Lakhimpur Carrie, ”he said.

Inputs by Avanish Misra

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