Lakhimpur Gary Young U.P. who died in violence.


Lakhimpur violence: Eight people killed include Lovepreet Singh and three other farmers.

Lucknow / New Delhi:

A 19-year-old farmer was one of the victims of Sunday’s violence in Lakhimpur Kerry in Uttar Pradesh. Lovepreet Singh, at the time of his death, begged his father to pick him up from his hospital bed and come quickly.

“When they took him to the hospital, he called, I said ‘Beta, How are you’. He said, ‘Dad, The main fire hoon. Jalti a Jaw (I’m fine. Please come soon) ‘. I said we were on our way. But when we reached Lakhimpur Geri, he was dead, “said Satpreet Singh, Lovepreet’s father.

Lovepreet Singh and three other farmers were among the eight people killed in the violence during the protest against the visit of Union Home Minister Ajay Mishra. Four farmers in the minister’s convoy collided with the car. Later, a collision occurred and cars were burned at the scene.

The farmers allege that the minister’s son Ashish Misra was driving the car. UP police have registered a case against him.

Crying in a glass coffin near his body, his family today refused to cremate him until a copy of the autopsy report and FIR against Ashish Mishra is provided. Numerous relatives and neighbors sat near the body and waited.

“My son was ruthlessly crushed … they did not take any action against the person responsible. The response of the administration is weak,” Mr Singh said.

Lovepreet’s two sisters have been mourning her younger brother since Sunday in his body glass coffin. He left the house saying he was going out for a good reason. “My son told us that the farmers were going to protest. He said that black flags would be displayed … they were brutally crushed by cars from behind. The cars tried to remove the protesters … Ajay-ji’s (Union Minister) Ajay Misra) son may have been behind the wheel.

After several hours of negotiations between the farmers and the police, Lovepreet’s cremation took place at 3 p.m. His body was taken to a field about 100 meters from the glass box, where the funeral rites were prepared.

During their short walk from home to Byrne, Lovepreet’s mother fell into a coma several times with grief. His father, who has composed music so far, spoke to reporters about his son’s last phone call, breaking in front of the pyre and trying to hug his son once.

Amid growing anger over the incident, both the minister and his son have denied being at the Lakhimpur carry site.

A viral video of the incident has been released and tweeted by BJP MP Varun Gandhi and Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

The video shows the terrifying moment when protesters entered the group from behind an SUV and crushed many of them.

Unconfirmed reports The autopsy report of eight bodies revealed the cause of death for injuries, trauma and cerebral hemorrhage.

The families have demanded action based on the videos released after the incident.

The body of one of the farmers who is said to have died in the shooting will be sent for a second autopsy as part of an agreement to facilitate cremation.

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