Lakhimpur Kerry Retired High Court judge to probe violence, Rs 45 lakh compensation to families of victims: UP


The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to provide financial assistance of Rs 45 lakh and government jobs to relatives Four farmers were killed Lakhimpur Kerry in violence. Rs 10 lakh compensation will be given to injured farmers.

Additional Director General of Law and Order Prasanth Kumar said the retired High Court judge would investigate the violence.

An autopsy of the four bodies was conducted this morning, Chief Medical Officer, Gary, Shailendra Patnagar said, adding that four more bodies are being sent for autopsy.

On Sunday, eight people, including four farmers, were killed when a team of three SUVs belonging to Union Home Minister Ajay Mishra collided with a group of agricultural protesters in Lakhimpur Kerry, Uttar Pradesh. Following the incident, farm leaders called for the “arrest of the minister and his son” as they drove one of the SUVs into a nationwide protest.

However, Misra said his son, a businessman, was not at the scene when the incident happened. Union Moss told The Indian Express that the other four killed were “BJP workers and a car driver”, “attacked by armed men with swords and sticks among farmers”.

FIR registered Ashish, son of Ajay Mishra, was booked into Dikonia police station on various charges including murder and rioting this morning. A separate FIR was registered at the same station by Sumit Jaiswal against unidentified persons who allegedly caused the death due to negligence and murder.

Secretary General of Congress Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, S.P.

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