Lakhimpur Kerry Violent Flames: Moss Car Speaks on Protesters


It only lasts 29 seconds. But every cooling law captures the horror of Lakhimpur Kerry in UP on Sunday afternoon, when three SUVs, including one owned by Union Moses Ajay Misra, were plowed by a group of protesting farmers, killing four of them.

The video shows the protesters advancing on the road next to the farm fields and then being pushed down by a speeding gray SUV from behind. Before the vehicle could go fast a person was thrown over the bonnet and the bodies shook on the side of the road.

The video was posted on Twitter on Monday by the tractor, which describes itself as “a campaign to support farmers fighting on social media against farm bills.” Four more people were killed in the violence caused by the incident.

On the ground, the Indian Express spoke to several eyewitnesses who described the scenes that haunted them throughout their lives. Farm leaders, locals and sources in the UP police told The Indian Express that it was an “annoyance” after several days of tensions over “annoying” gestures and the targeting of farmers fighting against the central government by the center of Union Mos Misra. New agricultural laws.

On Sunday, October 3, 2021, in a convoy of the Union Minister at Lakhimpur Gari, a car caught fire after violence erupted as farmers staged a protest. (PTI photo)

“The vehicles went in a zigzag pattern. One of them was driven by Ashish Misra (son of Union Mos Misra). The vehicles crushed the farmers and many of them died. Our leader Tejender Singh Virk was dragged by cars for long distances. Some got stuck under the cars but the vehicles did not stop. I believe my eyes. Could not, ”said Gurmeet Singh, a farmer from Lakhimpur Kari who was among the protesters.

“The minister’s son realized he could be caught, so he shot a farmer and fled,” said Dilbak Singh, a farm chief there. “Ashish Misra did not expect such a crowd and tried to escape, which resulted in the incident,” a senior police official told The Indian Express anonymously.

While describing the queue, farm chiefs and police sources pointed to the minister’s visit to Lakhimpur Kerry – who hails from Panveerpur village in his parent district – last week. They said he “showed his thumb down” to some of the agrarian protesters who had gathered. The situation escalated when a video allegedly mocking and challenging protesters soon began circulating around the minister.

Lakhimpur News, Up News Families mourn the death of farmers in the Lakhimpur incident in UP on Sunday. (Express photo by Vishal Srivastava)

“Yeh Desh Kisanon Ka Desh Hai. Hum bee kisan hai, aap bee kisan hain … Agar hum udar b jaate to unko pakne ka rasta nahin milda .. beet-piche com karne waale record … ice 10-15 lock shore machade hein … Puri desh mein Bile Jana Sahiye Da Agar Kari Kanoon Karab Hota (This is a country of farmers. I am also a farmer, you are also a farmer … If I get into action they will not even find a way to escape. There are about 10-15 people working behind your back. .. If the farm laws are bad, the protests will spread across the country), ”Misra is quoted as saying in the video.

Warning the protesters, he is heard saying: “Ice logan ko kehna sahta han ki sudar jao, nahin du samna karwake hum apko sutar tenge, one minute lakeka sirf (I would like to say to such people‘ correct your ways ’, otherwise I will make them confront me, Will fix them in two minutes).

Dilbak Singh, leader of the Lucknow faction of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), said, “This threat angered us during the minister’s visit to the school area on September 25.

In the days that followed, tensions escalated as an FIR was registered against Harjeet Singh, a 25-year-old Sikh youth, for making objectionable remarks against Misra in response to the speech, police sources said. “All this set the stage for a protest against the visit of Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Moriya to an event in Panveerpur on October 3,” the police official said.

Police sources said their local intelligence unit had alerted the district administration and senior officials about the protest against Riya. ATGP (Lucknow Zone), SN Sabat said, “The force was stationed at the place where the farmers were protesting.

“We were expecting Maurya’s helicopter to land at the local ground, where we were getting ready with the black flag.

Lakhimpur Kerry, Sunday, October 3, 2021 In a convoy of the Union Minister, farmers protest claiming that two protesters collided with a vehicle. (PTI photo)

“That’s when three SUVs left Banveerpur, one for Minister Mishra’s representative Deepak Talwar and the other for Mishra’s son Ashish Mishra. The third car was brand new without a number plate. After they ran over our people, they realized they were surrounded by farmers. Inderpal Singh, a farmer from Pallia who was part of the struggle against Maria, said.

When asked about the violence that killed four other people, including the minister’s driver, Inderpal said: “How do you deal with thugs like this? There was a lot of anger among the people after the incident. I can not say it’s right or wrong, but what would you do if one of your brothers ran over and killed four of them? Authorities confirmed that farm head Virk was seriously injured.

“Protesters vandalized and beat some, killing four others. According to initial reports, the violence lasted about half an hour,” a senior police official said.

Speaking to The Indian Express on Sunday, Misra denied that his son was driving the vehicle. “His driver was driving. The vehicle overturned as stones were thrown at it and two farmers came under it,” he said.

Farmers with the bodies of their family members killed in the violence in Lakhimpur Kerry. (PTI photo)

“My party workers are going to get the deputy chief minister. Some of the farmers were attacked with sticks and swords. Three party workers and a car driver were killed in the attack. They destroyed the vehicle and set it on fire,” he said.

When asked about his provocative speech, Lakhimpur Gary MP If anyone looks at the whole text, it is clear that I was talking about the latent attackers among the peasants.

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