Large earthquake: The President promised to provide assistance to the victims of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake


President Pedro Castillo Terrones tweeted, “All my solidarity with the people of the Amazonas who are facing a strong earthquake. I have arranged for the Ministries and Branch Agencies to take immediate action. You are not alone, brothers. We will support. Victims of structural damage.”

Terrons also tweeted that he would be leaving soon to visit the affected areas in the Amazonas area.

Peru's National Police and Highway Police are involved in blocking roads after the quake.

No casualties were reported, but government officials said buildings and roads were damaged, as seen in videos uploaded by Peru’s National Police.

The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. It was reported to have a depth of 112 km. No tsunami alert was issued.

Earlier on Sunday, a magnitude 5.2 earthquake shook El Callo, Lima.


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