Large lava like 3-story buildings falling from a volcano in La Palma


Large lava like buildings falling from a volcano in Spain

Spain volcano: 21 earthquake shakes Sunday, officials said.

La Palma:

While a series of earthquakes shook the region on Sunday, three weeks after the eruption, volcanic eruptions of up to three storey buildings rolled down a mountain on the Spanish island of La Palma.

On Sunday there were 21 earthquakes, the largest with a magnitude of 3.8, shaking the Spanish National Geological Institute (ING), the villages of Maso, Fuancoliente and El Paso.

Blocks of red-hot magma along the side of the Cumbre Viza volcano flow the size of three-story buildings, the Spanish Geological and Mining Institute said Sunday.

ING’s spokesman Stavros Meletlitis told Reuters on Saturday that there was a slight cone collapse near the volcanic eruption vent.

“The collapse of the northern side of the Gumbre Viza volcano has led to the release of large volumes and the appearance of new streams flowing into already expelled areas,” the Spanish National Defense Department tweeted.

“Volcano Camino de la Cata has reached industrial and new buildings.”

The Canary Islands Volcano Institute says volcanic rivers have destroyed 1,186 buildings since the September 19 eruption.

The lava has submerged 493 hectares (1,218 acres) of land, said Miguel Angel Morkunde, technical director of the Canary Islands Volcano Emergency Project (Bevolka).

About 6,000 people have been evicted from their homes in La Palma, which has a population of about 83,000.

Lightning was spotted near the eruption early Saturday morning. A study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters 2016 found that lightning can occur during a volcanic eruption because the collision of the ash particles creates an electric charge.

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