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We do not copy Hollywood superheroes: Lightning Murali star Tovino Thomas

Tovino Thomas in one of the stills Lightning Murali. (Courtesy tovinothomas)


  • Basil Joseph directed the film
  • The film airs on Netflix
  • “We have a foundation for it,” Tovino added


December 23 Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas says his upcoming film Lightning Murali The story of an ordinary man from Karakulam, Kerala, who one day gets special powers but does not fly from skyscrapers like some Hollywood colleagues. Thomas, very famous 7th day, ennu ninte moideen, high And மாயாநதி, The origin story of a local superhero directed by Basil Joseph, does not start fighting with the villain from the next day. “We wanted to make a movie with superhero fans around the world and casual audiences unfamiliar with this type of film. I imagined and loved my parents who were not accustomed to ‘Spider-Man’. The film,” Thomas said in an interview with PTI.

“The ordinary man will test his power as he gains superpowers and how he will not save the world the next day. The superhero part is just like how we’re shown breaking the wall, grabbing the fan. The X-factor in the film,” he added.

Lightning Murali Thomas plays a tailor named Jason who receives special powers after being struck by lightning.

The 32-year-old actor hopes that the film will be a worthy addition to the ever-growing list of well-produced Malayalam films with global appeal.

“Malayalam cinema has always had a reputation for producing good content films. Emotional plays are our strength. Through our film, we have focused on our strong points and emotional drama and made it emotional.

“We do not copy pictures of Hollywood superheroes because we do not have skyscrapers in Karakulam (Kerala, a part of Thiruvananthapuram). Added.

Director Joseph said the idea to make a film about an ordinary man struck by lightning first came to writer Arun Anirudhan.

The group then gathered and weaved a story around the preface, which ended in “Lightning Roll”. The final script was written by Anirudhan and Justin Mathew.

“Lightning is the most communicative source of energy anywhere in the world. Anyone can be struck by lightning. We have also shown a normal human being in this situation, and the story is what happens after that,” said the introductory filmmaker. 2015, with “Kunjiramayanam”, said.

The purpose is to do, Joseph said Lightning Murali Really and relevant to reach a wider audience.

Thomas was his first and only choice to play the role of Jason Akka Minnal (meaning ‘Lightning’ in Malayalam) Murali, the director who had earlier collaborated with the actor for the 2017 hit sports comedy “Godha”.

“Tovino has a superhero status, he’s versatile as an actor. My jokes are a little loud, so I need actors who can play it a little louder but are still in control. He can act without being loud. He added.

For the action scenes, Thomas learned martial arts and underwent a health transition from a red and blue dress and a red-faced bully Jayson to a slim superhero.

The director said that this type of superhero came from Hollywood and was involved in trying to “pay tribute” to it with their film. This is Joseph’s third film.

“The people there grew up reading comics. Everyone is excited because ‘Spider-Man’ has been reading about it since childhood.

“This genre came from the United States, and we deliberately mentioned American superheroes. In our film, it happens in a way that the lead character learns about the culture of superheroes,” he added.

Joseph said working on the film was an opportunity that came with both pressure and responsibility.

“It was not an idea to make Thomas a superhero on screen and spend the entire budget on VFX (visual effects). It should be a commercial film that appeals to all ages.

“We’re making a universal film. We would not spice up an action gimmick or an item dance. We just wanted the emotions, the drama, the comedy, the action, the characters to be emotional,” the director said. Said.

Produced by Sofia Paul under the Weekend Blockbusters banner. Lightning Murali Also starring Guru Somasundaram and Aju Varghese.

The film will be released in Malayalam on Netflix and dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English on Friday.

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