Live IPL 2021 Score, RCP vs SRH: Glenn Maxwell Run Out 40, Royal Challengers Bangalore Fightback For Down 142



IPL 2021, RCB vs SRH Live Score: Glenn Maxwell Run Out 40, Royal Challengers Bangalore Fightback Four Down

RCB vs SRH IPL Score: Glenn Maxwell and Angel Stepping added 54 runs for SRH against the fourth wicket.© BCCI / IPL

Sunrisers Hyderabad scored 141 for 6 in the 52nd match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2021 on Wednesday at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi. Herschelle Patel is the most successful bowler in the RCB with his three wickets. Apart from Herschel, Daniel Christian took two wickets and Yusvendra Sahal and George Gordon took one wicket each. There was a 70-run partnership between Jason Roy (44) and Kane Williamson (31) for the second wicket, but the other batsmen could not turn it into a good result. RCB has already qualified for the playoffs, is third in the points table with 18 points but will hold the top two spots. For the first time since 2015 the SRH had a bad season and they failed to qualify for the playoffs. The team led by Kane Williamson has won just two of 12 games this season. (Direct score)

IPL 2021 Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Sunrisers Hyderabad Live Score Updates, Straight from Saeed Cricket Stadium, Abu Dhabi

  • 23:16 (IST)


    Six !! Above the bowler’s head. That ABD is for you !!

    RCB needed 6 runs off 2 balls to win

  • 23:15 (IST)

    Todd Paul!

    Another dot ball because ABD refused to take a sit.

    RCB needed 12 runs off 3 balls to win

  • 23:14 (IST)

    RCB needs 12 of 4!

    Bhubaneswar to Garden, a single. ABD will now be on strike.

    RCB needed 12 runs off 4 balls to win

  • 23:12 (IST)

    RCB needs 13 of 6!

    Holder to de Villiers, Todd Paul. He gave up only 5 runs in Holder’s fantastic last over.

    RCB 129/6, needed 13 off 6 balls to win

  • 23:10 (IST)


    Jason Holder Shahbaz Ahmed, outside, was caught by Williamson. It is a flat grip of the SRH skipper. A new batsman will face the next ball as the strike is not rotated. AB de Villiers will stay at the other end.

    Shahbaz Ahmed c Williamson P Holder 14 (9) (4s-2)

    RCB 128/6, needed 14 off 8 balls to win

  • 23:08 (IST)

    Bhuvneshwar gave up an easy catch!

    Abandoned !! Bhuvneshwar Kumar dropped an easy catch by Shahbaz Ahmed.

    RCB 126/5, 16 off 11 balls required

  • 23:05 (IST)

    RCB needs 18 of 12!

    11 runs in the 18th over. RCB need 18 off the last 12 balls to win this match.

  • 23:05 (IST)


    Another frontier from Shahbaz Ahmed to the deep backward point. Shahbaz’s amazing shot again.

  • 23:03 (IST)


    From Umran to Shahbaz, he took four wickets. The RCB target is approaching.

  • 23:01 (IST)


    From Rashid Khan to De Villiers, four in the final ball, backward point. RCB needed 29 runs in 3 overs to win.

  • 23:00 (IST)


    Rashid Khan Padikkal, out, caught by Abdul Samad. A struggle came to an end from the reading.

    Reading c Abdul Samad Rashid Khan 41 (52) (4s-4)

    RCB 109/5, needed 33 off 19 balls to win

  • 22:48 (IST)

    Maxwell out!

    Rashid Khan, mixed in the middle between the stairs and the thunder, got Glenn Maxwell RUN-OUT as a result. He should leave after a good start. AB de Villiers will now walk in the middle as RCB is down four.

    Maxwell Run Out (Williamson) 40 (25) (4s-3 6s-2)

    RCB 92/4, 50 off 35 balls required.

  • 22:34 (IST)


    One more four from Glenn Maxwell’s bat, this time Fine Leg. He now went to 35.

  • 22:28 (IST)


    From Kaul to Maxwell, four, towards wicket and long-on. He is accelerating in this chase for RCB.

    RCB 75/3, needed 67 off 52 balls

  • 22:19 (IST)

    Maxwell attacks Rashid!

    Four for Maxwell this time per square foot. Maxwell goes big against SRH’s top bowler Rashid Khan.

  • 22:17 (IST)

    Rashid Khan first Maxwell, six, over a long time. Glenn Maxwell’s Good Bat Swing! Second max for him.
  • 22:16 (IST)

    Umran Malik is the fastest ball in IPL 2021!

    Umran Malik ran 150km / h at four balls in the previous over and 153km / h at one ball. He has already bowled the fastest ball of an Indian bowler this season and has now surpassed Loki Ferguson’s speed of 152.75 kmph and has bowled the fastest ball of any bowler this season. Awesome bowling performance by a young fast bowler from Jammu and Kashmir.

  • 22:07 (IST)


    Rashid Khan First Maxwell, Six, What a shot from Maxwell !! A clean win for the maximum mid wicket. He is important to the RCB in this game.

  • 22:04 (IST)


    Taken by Umran Bharat, margin and wicket-keeper. First IPL wicket for Jammu and Kashmir fast bowler in IPL. RCB is in trouble now.

    KS Bharat CW Saha P Umran Malik 12 (10) (4S-1 6S-1)

    RCB 38/3, needed 104 runs to win

  • 21:59 (IST)


    Siddharth Kaul Bharat, to complete four to six overs.

    So, the equation stands after the powerplay overs, with Royal Challengers Bangalore losing two big wickets to Virat Kohli and Daniel Christian. Devado Padikkal is batting alongside KS Bharat.

    RCB 37/2 in 6 overs, needed 105 runs to win

  • 21:58 (IST)


    Six off the fifth ball of Siddharth Kaul’s second over. Best shot of the load, long distance.

  • 21:53 (IST)


    The holder for the stairs, played well on four, backward square feet. Stepping has to prove his worth in the middle for his team.

  • 21:50 (IST)

    Maiden Over from Kaul!

    Maiden over with a wicket by Siddharth Kaul. Great start for SRH.

    RCB 18/2, needed 124 runs in 16 overs to win

  • 21:49 (IST)

    Second wicket!

    S. Kaul Christian, out, caught by Williamson. The second wicket fell to RCB, Christian tried to hit the leg side but eventually the ball fell into Williamson’s safe hands.

    Christian C Williamson PS Cowl 1 (4)

    RCB 18/2, 124 needed to win

  • 21:42 (IST)


    Bhuvaneshwar Padikkal, four, for a long distance.

    RCB 18/1, needed 124 runs to win

  • 21:34 (IST)


    Bhuvneshwar Kumar caught Virat Kohli in front of the stumps. The on-field referee gave him out, Kohli discussed the angel reading and decided not to go for review.

  • 21:29 (IST)


    Vratkoli reaches the goal with a boundary through the cards.

  • 21:14 (IST)

    RCB needs 142 runs to win!

    Wicket on Herschelle Patel’s final ball. RCB controlled SRH 141/7 in 20 overs. Herschelle Patel took three wickets in the match.

    Holder C Christian P Herschelle Patel 16 (13) (4s-2)

    RCB needed 142 runs to win

  • 21:05 (IST)


    Four !! Siraj gave enough space and Rashid Khan played it well for the third.

  • 21:01 (IST)

    From Herschelle Patel to Saha, he was recaptured by De Villiers. Saha’s bad form continues in this IPL.

    W Saha C De Villiers P Herschelle Patel 10 (8) (4s-1)

    SRH 126/2 in 17.2 overs

  • 20:55 (IST)


    Christian to Holder, four, fine to quarter. Holder has provided today if you want a total fight on the SRH board.

  • 20:49 (IST)

    Fifth wicket!

    From Sahil to Samad, the appeal for LBW but the referee rejected it.

    The RCB skipper went for the TRS, which clearly shows the ball hitting the wickets.

    Sahil took the first wicket of the match as Abdul Samad had to go. The fifth wicket fell to SRH.

    Abdul Samad lbw b Sahal 1 (3)

    SRH 107/5

  • 20:45 (IST)

    Roy is out!

    Outside !! What a capture of a Christian !! Bowled by Jason Roy Don Christian. He played a simple knock today but was still high in Greece.

    Priam Cork CD de Villiers B Christian 15 (11) (6s-1)

    SRH 107/4

  • 20:40 (IST)

    Third wicket!

    Christian du Cork, caught by AB de Villiers outside. Another match and another defeat for Priam Cork. The SRH is now below three.

    Priam Cork CD de Villiers B Christian 15 (11) (6s-1)

    SRH 105/3 in 14.1 overs

  • 20:34 (IST)


    From Sahal to Cork, six !! Cork played it for a long time. Up to 100 for SRH!

  • 20:27 (IST)

    Get out!

    Outside !! Bowled !! Herschelle Patel took his first wicket and broke the 70-run partnership. Kane Williamson should leave after getting a good start. SRH is down two now and Jason Roy on the other hand is not in good touch until now.

    Williamson P Herschelle Patel 31 (29) (4s-4)

    SRH 84/2

  • 20:16 (IST)


    From Sahal to Roy, four, backward. Jason Roy has a good time and he needs to gain confidence with that shot.

  • 20:13 (IST)

    Stable start to SRH!

    The draw is after nine overs, with Sunrisers Hyderabad scoring 67 for one. Captain Kane Williamson bats alongside Jason Roy.

    SRH 67/1 in 9 overs

  • 19:57 (IST)


    Shahbaz Ahmed Roy, four, finally Jason Roy’s first frontier.

    SRH 49/1

  • 19:52 (IST)


    Garden to Williamson, four, off site. Second boundary of the over.

    SRH 36/1

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