Local News Built Back Better Aid Can Raise $ 1.7 Billion


Louisiana’s representative Steve Scalis, a second-ranked House Republican, echoed that criticism. Twitter: “This helps the Dimes in Biden and Congress pay the salaries of the reporters who protect them.”

Tax credit may be an extraordinary phenomenon of federal assistance to news organizations, but this is not entirely new. The Postal Act of 1792 provided cheaper postage to many newspapers. Waltman noted.

The payroll check protection scheme introduced during the Corona virus epidemic is another example of access to federal news agencies, and it has alleviated the concerns of some news publishers about accepting federal assistance. Over the past two years, media organizations across the country have received millions of dollars in forgivable loans through this program.

“Now it feels like a very different conversation, there is more desire to be supportive,” said Damien Radcliffe, professor at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.

In one study, he found widespread opposition to the idea of ​​a government subsidy for the press only a few years ago. “I do not think we would have had this conversation if it had not played a role in accelerating the impact of Govt and the challenges facing the sector,” he said. Radcliffe said.

Tax credit for local news publishers made its first appearance as one of three key elements in the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, which was put before Congress in 2020. The bilateral bill was re-introduced earlier this year by its co-authors, Ann Kirkpatrick. , Democrats of Arizona, and Don Newhouse of the Republican Party of Washington.

After the stagnation of the Local Journalism Sustainability Act, the tax was broken and added to the $ 2.2 trillion package. No House Republicans voted in favor of the law, and New York’s representative Lee Celtin, one of the Republicans who supported the local journalism stability law, called it a “mastrocity.”


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