Lucknow Gary: Moss Ajay Mishra met Amit Shah in Delhi



Minister of State Ajay Misra, who is at the center of the Lakhimpur Kerry incident, said his son was charged with murder and attended his office at the Home Ministry in North Block on Wednesday. He met Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday and discussed the situation for 40 minutes and possible ways to deal with it.

This is the first time Misra has visited his office since the incident that killed eight people, including four farmers. His son, businessman Ashish Misra, is accused of shooting dead a farmer in Lakhimpur car on Sunday and hacking three people under his vehicle in an FIR registered by UP police.

Opposition leaders and Bhartiya Kisan Union (RKU) leader Rakesh Dikait have demanded the removal of Misra and the arrest of his son.

Misra, who was in Lakhimpur car till Tuesday night, arrived in Delhi this morning and reportedly went to his office at 11 am. Sources said he met Shaw at his home after staying in his office for about half an hour.

“While in his office he was mostly with his personal secretary and talked to his staff. He did not hold any official meetings,” an Interior Ministry official said.

Throughout the matter Misra said he was firmly maintaining his and his son’s innocence and that his son was not driving the vehicle that allegedly fell on the farmers. He has also denied allegations that his son shot farmers.

The Uttar Pradesh government has been incensed by the arrest of Misra and his son in an SUV video clip of them cutting down agricultural protesters in Lakhimpur. During his visit to Lucknow, we remained silent on the matter.

On Tuesday, the minister called for the removal of the minister, who was arrested along with his son. Referring to the previous day’s “ceasefire”, the Uttar Pradesh government promised justice and compensation to the families of the victims, and Dickit tweeted: “The decision in Lakhimpur is not the end of the movement. The minister should be sacked and his government and his son arrested immediately. To be fulfilled.

He later told reporters They gave the government a week to arrest Misra’s son. Thirteen days after the death of four farmers – “to decide future strategy” – “we will be here again on Poke Day,” he said.

No arrests have been made so far in this case.

Meanwhile, the Uttar Pradesh government on Wednesday allowed Congress leaders Rahul, Priyanka Gandhi and three others to go to Lakhimpur Gari.

Rahul Gandhi and Chief Ministers Bhupesh Bagel and Saranjit Singh Sunny are planning to visit Lakhimpur to meet the families of the victims of the violence. Before leaving, Gandhi said farmers in the country were being “systematically attacked” and targeted the government for “insulting” them.


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