Lunch with Kareena-Saif, Tara Sudaria-Adar Jain, Navya Naveli-Agastya Nanda and others inside Kapoor’s family


Christmas 2021: Lunch with Kareena-Saif, Tara Sudaria-Adar Jain, Navya Naveli-Agastya Nanda and others inside Kapoor's family

Christmas 2021: Kareena and Saif with their children at Kunal Kapoor’s home in Mumbai.


  • Kareena Kapoor designed her black tee with brown leather pants
  • Timur looked gorgeous in a baby pink kurta
  • Jeh looked adorable in a blue shirt and denim

New Delhi:

Just like every year for the annual Christmas lunch tradition introduced by the late actor Shashi Kapoor’s wife Jennifer three decades ago, the Kapoors gather at Kunal Kapoor’s house in Juhu, Mumbai. Kunal Kapoor, the son of Sasi Kapoor, continues this tradition. Kareena Kapoor, who recently recovered from Govind-19, wore her black tee with brown leather pants. Kareena announced on December 13 that she had tested positive for the virus; He was in isolation for 14 days and shared his new corona virus diagnosis on Friday evening “I tested negative for Covit-19,” he wrote in his Instagram story (more on this later). Kareena was accompanied by Saif Ali Khan and their children Timur and Jeh.

Timur was beautiful in baby pink Kurta Jeh looked adorable in a blue shirt and denim.


Kareena Kapoor goes to Kunal Kapoor’s house.


Kareena Kapoor at Kunal Kapoor’s home with baby Jay.


Kareena Kapoor and her family.


Laugh a little!


Saif Ali Khan and Timur entering Kunal Kapoor’s house.

Arthur Jain Plus One was accompanied by his girlfriend and actress Tara Sudaria and Armaan Jain with his wife Anisa. We loved Tara Sudaria’s OOTD.

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Aadhar Jain with Tara Sudaria.


Armaan Jain with Anisa.

Swetha Bachchan Nanda’s children Navya Naveli Nanda and her brother Agastya Nanda also attended the family gathering. Ritu Nanda is the daughter of Raj Kapoor, the late mother-in-law of Swetha Bachchan Nanda. Navya was beautiful in a printed yellow dress.


Navya Naveli Nanda at Kunal Kapoor’s house.


There was also Agasthiya Nandar.

Kareena Kapoor, who attended a meeting at Karan Johar’s house earlier this year, has been diagnosed with Govt-19 infection. His friends Amrita Arora, Mahib Kapoor and Seema Khan who were there were also infected with the virus.

The actress revealed that she tested negative for COVID-19 on Friday evening. “I have been tested as negative for Govt-19. Thanks to my dear sister for being our host through this dream. My BFF Amrita We did this … for praying for my dear friends and family, my cat, mom and all … your DM My fans to … BMC To be the most amazing and quick … SRL Dr. Avinash Patke Laps to be the best.Finally my dear husband for being patient enough to be locked in a hotel room … Merry Christmas to all his family, VIP Be safe! Well, ever before I want to kiss my children in a way that is not there, “read his statement.

Actress Omigran also tested negative for the variation, the news agency ANI reported on Friday.


Following the viral infection of guests at a dinner hosted by Karan Johar, some criticized it as a super spreader event. However, both Kareena Kapoor and Karan Johar tested negative twice, both issued statements saying that Kareena Kovit did not pay attention to security rules and that KJo denied that her house was “COVID’s hotspot”.


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