Maharashtra alliance MVA rickshaw spins 3 wheels, pollutes: Amit Shah


Maharashtra alliance causes pollution in rickshaw: Amit Shah

Amit Shah also slammed the MVA for not reducing fuel prices. (File)


In a fierce attack, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday described the distribution of the Tripartite Maha Vikas Agadi (MVA) as a “punctured rickshaw” whose wheels go in three different directions and only cause pollution. Addressing a gathering of BJP volunteers in Pune, Mr Shah called the Congress a “businessman” and the Shiv Sena a “broker” and the NCP “associated with exchanges”.

Earlier, the BJP had alleged that in August 2020, a senior state intelligence official had exposed a scam involving the transfer of senior police officers.

Mr Shah said the Shiv Sena had betrayed the BJP by compromising with Hindutva for power.

After the 2019 assembly elections in Maharashtra, the party led by Uttam Thackeray broke with the BJP and formed a coalition government with the NCP and Congress led by Sarabjit Pawar.

Mr Shah, who played on the DBT summary of the Modi government’s direct benefit transfer scheme, said in the MVA government, Congress takes ‘D’ for a trader, Shiv Sena a ‘B’ for a broker and NCP ‘T’. Transfers.

Mr Shah also called for elections for corporations, including Mumbai, to be held next year. He appealed to the BJP volunteers to reach out to the voters and explain to them about the corruption and other malpractices committed by the MVA.

“The Shiv Sena has compromised with Hindutva for power. Two generations (of the Sena) have been fighting against one party (Congress) and now share power with the same party. The Sena betrayed the BJP for power,” Mr Shah said.

He said the fall of MVA would begin in the Pune Municipal Corporation elections. “MVA is a three-wheeler, I had previously reported that its wheels go in different directions. Now I am modifying that statement. MVA is a three-wheeler going in three different directions. These three wheels are punctured. This rickshaw causes pollution. Mr Shaw said.

Does Maharashtra want direct benefit transfer or trader-broker-exchange? He asked.

“Go to every house and take Prime Minister Modi’s message,” Mr Shah told the audience.

He also dared the MVA to contest the elections against the BJP.


He also slammed the MVA for not reducing fuel prices.

“They talked about inflation. Modiji lowered prices but they (MVA) did not. I think MVA has some questions. Modiji lowered fuel prices and appealed to states to reduce prices. BJP-led states lowered fuel prices. But MVA lowered the price of liquor. .People in Maharashtra do not want cheap liquor but fuel, ”he said.

He accused the MVA of politicizing politics and filing cases against BJP volunteers and politicians.

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