Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik releases videos: “Drug Prevention Bureau release 3 people”:



Nawab Malik questioned the NCP’s investigation into the drug trafficking case.


A week after a shipwreck off the coast of Mumbai, superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan and eight others were arrested, Maharashtra Minister Nawab Malik released some videos this afternoon. Pharmaceutical company. Mr Malik said the NCB (Drug Control Bureau) had released three of the 11 arrested after talking to BJP leaders.

“After the search of the ship, NCP’s Samir Wankade claimed that 8-10 people were detained. But the truth is that 11 people were arrested. Later, three persons, Rishabh Sachdeva, Pratik Kaaba and Amir Burnicharwala, were released,” said Nawab Malik. Said today. Their names came up during the court hearing, he said.

“We want to ask the NCB, who detained 11 people after the shipwreck, and then who released all three of them? And the BJP leaders,” the NCP leader added, accusing the BJP’s Mohit Kamboj of releasing his brother-in-law Rishabh Sachdev.

Mr Kamboj has not yet responded to the allegations.

Videos of Mr Malik, Mr Sachdeva, Amir Burnicherwala and Pratik Kaaba – NCP leaving office – were released today.

He was summoned for questioning by the Mumbai Police.

“The Narcotics Division of the Mumbai Police should conduct an independent inquiry into this. I will also write a letter to the Chief Minister (Uttam Thackeray). If necessary, set up a commission of inquiry and investigate these investigations,” he said.

The NCB’s actions, Mr Malik said earlier, were aimed at discrediting the state, where the Congress and the NCP are in power along with the BJP’s former ally Shiv Sena. “From Riya Chakraborty to Deepika Padukone, to other celebrities or Aryan Khan, NCB ads will only operate where relevant. Many cases are fake; not recovered,” Mr Malik told NDTV on Thursday.

Aryan Khan, who was arrested on Friday and Sunday, was denied bail. He should be in jail for the weekend. His lawyer sued because he could not be held accountable for crimes seized from others because no drugs were found on him.

A Mumbai magistrate’s court on Friday ruled that Mr Khan’s bail plea, which was agreed with the Bureau of Narcotics Control that the Sessions Court should hear the case, could not be maintained as the drugs were confiscated.

The NCB, which argued against bail, said the release of Aryan Khan would be detrimental to the case. The agency said he could fraudulently testify and influence witnesses. It also stressed that Aryan Khan and others were “abusive regular users”.

Although the anti-drug agency said it wanted to investigate some “criminal WhatsApp chats”, Aryan Khan’s lawyer denied the allegations.

Today, Mr Malik said the three people who were released were mentioned in the chats.


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