Massive military action in J&K Poonch as soldiers went missing during the encounter


Massive military op in J&K as soldiers disappear during encounter

The army launched a major offensive this morning in the Nargas forest in Mendar.


The Army has launched a major comb operation following the disappearance of two soldiers, including a junior commissioner (JCO), in a series of operations in Poonch, Jammu and Kashmir, on Monday.

According to reports, the JCO and a soldier went missing on Thursday evening after the army was subjected to heavy gunfire from terrorists. In the encounter that erupted in the Poonch-Rajouri forest, two soldiers, Yogam Singh Singh and Vikram Singh Negi, were shot dead, four days after five soldiers were killed in the same area.

Recovering the bodies of the fallen soldiers was a major challenge for the army as they had to advance deep into the jungle to recover the bodies.

An official said the army had lost contact with the JCO on Thursday evening.

Following the incident, the army said in a statement, “During the counter-insurgency operation in the Nargas forest area of ​​Mendar subdivision in Poonch district, a gun battle broke out between troops and terrorists on the evening of October 14, 2021. A JCO and a soldier were seriously injured in the exchange of fire. Operations are in progress.” The update is as follows “.

Yesterday, the army confirmed the killing of two soldiers, but there was no information on the wounded JCO.

A senior official said rescue operations for the injured JCO would begin in the morning. “We have not been able to recover the injured JCO. The search will resume in the morning,” he said.

A major offensive was launched this morning in the Nor Gas forest in Mendar. Heavy gunfire and explosions were heard in the area as the army tried to evacuate terrorists believed to be lurking in the depths of the jungle.

Following the information that there were terrorists, the army launched a search operation in Dera Ki Kali. In the initial shooting, five soldiers, including a junior commissioned officer (JCO), were killed.

Reinforcement was hastened to the area, after which the army engaged in a very long counter-terrorism operation. No militants have been killed so far in the sixth day of the encounter today.

This is the first time in recent years that the military has suffered so many casualties in a single encounter.

Since Thursday evening, authorities have closed the Poonch-Jammu highway as a security measure.

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