Michael Atherton asks if England players are available for the IPL but not for the Pakistan tour



Former captain Michael Atherton said the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) had canceled the tour of Pakistan citing the interest of the players, but had given them three months to play in the IPL.

In a serious assessment of the ECB’s decision, Atherton said that India’s recent withdrawal from the Manchester Test was worse.

A few England players who were to play the short white ball series in Pakistan now have questions in the England cricket fraternity about how they can play for their IPL owners in the play-offs if needed.

“It would be strange for the ECB to hand over the travel and cricket duties of its players to play in the Indian Premier League for three months of the year, citing the welfare of the players,” the Times wrote in its article. .

“As an employer, if it is very cautious about bubble and cricket fatigue, should we definitely be more interested in getting players to the IPL?

“Now, of course, the players in the tournament will get to the knockout stage. This applies to both India and England, but not to Pakistan, which does not have a direct stake, and their players are still barred from the tournament.

Atherton said it was difficult to understand the reason behind the decision.

The decision was worse than the fact that England withdrew from South Africa last winter and India canceled the Manchester Test this month. While those two actions are hard to justify, they are at least understandable because Covid was close to both teams.

Atherton said he understood that “the feeling of anger and betrayal in Pakistan is real and understandable” after England withdrew from their long-running series for no apparent reason.

The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) cited players’ concerns over security issues, which led to New Zealand withdrawing their squad from the tour after being in the country for more than a week.

In his column, Etherton made it clear that both executives and players were wrong in selling a fake to Pakistan.

English cricket, the governing body and the players, had a chance to do the right thing this week. They had the opportunity to repay the loan and retain their honor and side with a cricketing nation that faced challenges that others could not even begin to imagine. Instead, they made a mistake by quoting a kind statement, ”he wrote.

As the New Zealand tour came to a halt, ‘Etherton realized that Pakistan’s worst fears were always going to be fulfilled as the low expectations of the UK’s response were duly fulfilled.

The former England captain also feels that Australia’s decision to tour Pakistan will be no different.

“Australia’s reputation for doing the right thing is as bad as the UK, so it would be surprising if they take the lead in February. Pakistan will face a financial crisis,” he added.

Atherton noted that while it is perfectly understandable that a lot of players suffer from bubble fatigue during the Kovit-19 era, the ECP could still have selected a team to tour Pakistan.

“The welfare of the players is an important issue, especially the Govt, and what this means is that the interest in traveling to Pakistan after the return of New Zealand will exacerbate those concerns. The players were stunned.

“The interest of the players is not washed away in this regard: although many players have spent a long time in coveted-restricted environments, there are not many within the English game and who could have asked to tour if others were not available.”

Atherton did not want to believe that the ECP could not find 14 preferred players

“Once the security arrangements are deemed satisfactory, it is the duty of the ECB to try to expel one team, any team. When a coveted explosion of the England ODI team was eliminated in July, the EC was happy to play with the second / third team against Pakistan. Why not now?”

Atherton understands the anger of new PCB leader Rameez Raja.

“Despite the commitment, they did not expect to travel to the UK and lost faith and confidence in them. It’s hard to blame them.”


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