MSK Prasad said India were not a fast bowler for the T20 World Cup


Former India selector MSK Prasad, a fast bowler at this month’s T20 World Cup, is a little concerned about all – rounder Hardik Pandya not bowling in the current IPL.

The T20 World Cup starts in the UAE and Oman on October 17 and India will win the title.

“It’s a decent team, but I feel like they’re really a cracker … because we play most matches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, so one more cracker could have been easier,” Prasad said. Interview.

“It would have been nice if we had played more matches in Sharjah, but I think it’s a little worrying because Hardik (maybe) and most importantly Hardik did not bowl,” the 46-year-old explained.

India, led by Virat Kohli, will begin their T20 World Cup campaign on October 24 when they face arch-rivals Pakistan at the Dubai International Stadium.

While the pitches in Sharjah help the spinners, the tracks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi help the crackers as seen in the IPL.

Baroda all-rounder Pandya, a key member of the team, does not currently bowl for five-time IPL champions Mumbai Indians in IAP football. The owner has repeatedly said that he does not want to push him too hard keeping in mind his importance to the Indian team.

When asked about taking the situation, he said, “Look, Hardik was selected as an all-rounder, not as a batsman, he is seen as an all-rounder, he adds to the page you call balance.

“… (it) is a little surprising, or I do not know if he is advised, not to bowl or whether he is protected to bowl only at the World Cup,” he wondered.

“We don’t know exactly, but in a better situation, Hardik was selected as an all-rounder and I would love to see him bowl.

“I don’t know what the thinking process is because the selectors should know it, or the board should know it, but Hardik, if he doesn’t throw the ball there will be little, that is, the balance of the side will be affected a little bit,” said Prasad, who has played in 6 Tests and 17 ODIs.

The former Indian stumper also backed Kohli’s decision to step down as T20 captain after the World Cup.

“… he has taken the captaincy in all forms, which is now clear in his personal performances. So, I think this should be a right decision,” Prasad said when asked how Virat’s decision would help the batsman within him.

“We want a man named Virat who can score 70 centuries in a decade, and we want to see the same Virat. If the T20 captaincy affects batting, it is the right decision,” said the senior in 96 first-class matches.

Leading spinner Yusvendra Sahal was unable to form the World T20 squad and Prasad said the selection committee headed by Chetan Sharma may have taken that decision in his latest indifferent form.

“Instead of talking about why he (Sahal) was not included, I will say for sure why he (Sahal) was excluded,” he said.

“Probably the selectors would have gone with his form in mind and unfortunately he has not been on the wickets for the last few months.

“They would have seen that form and now he has got it back. It is a tricky situation now, but Sahil is our first T20 bowler to take more wickets for India in T20 format,” Prasad said.

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