Mumbai filmmaker Imtiaz Khatri shipwrecked in NCP case by NCP Anti-Drug Agency


Mumbai filmmaker ship drug case tested by anti-drug agent

The home and office of drug maker Imtiaz Khatri were raided in connection with a drug test (file).


The Narcotics Division or NCP raided the home and office of filmmaker Imtiaz Khatri in Bandra, Mumbai, in which police accused Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan.

Mr Kadri’s name came up during Achit Kumar’s trial, when he was arrested earlier this week from suburban Powai.

The number of people arrested in this case is currently 18.

During the search of the ship, the company recovered 13 grams of cocaine, 21 grams of saras, 22 tablets of MDMA, 5 grams of MD and Rs 1.33 lakh in cash.

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