MVA parties, others respond to the ball in Pune as they take to the streets



Coalition partners of the state’s ruling Maharashtra Vikas Agadi (MVA) government and several political parties took to the streets in Pune and chanted slogans against the BJP-led government amid a one-day bandh called on Monday condemning the killing of farmers. In Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh, the vehicle is said to be owned by the son of a Union minister.

According to Ravindra Sisave, associate commissioner of the Pune city police, the law and order situation remained calm despite protests in some places. About 5,000 police have been deployed on security duty at key locations to ensure a peaceful ball. Most of the protests took place within the jurisdiction of the Bundgarden, Hadapsar, Shivajinagar, Wisrambag and Singkad road police stations.

Although the shops at Market Yard and Lakshmi Road were closed in the morning, the bandh received a mixed response as most of them resumed operations after 4 pm, officials said.

Activists of MVA parties – Congress, Shiv Sena and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) – handed over their demands to the Pune District Collector.

Sanchok Wagere, head of the NCP’s Pimpri-Chinchwad division, said, “People voluntarily closed their shops and offices until the afternoon. PMPML buses did not run on the roads. Many small businesses were also closed.”

The protest was attended by Aam Aadmi Party, CPM and Janata Dal (secular) and social organizations like Shetkari Bachav Kriti Samiti, Hamal Panchayat, Rickshaw Panchayat, Tempo Panchayat and Chhatrapati Shivaji Market Yard. Union. At a rally near the Collector’s Office, they paid tribute to those killed in the Lakhimpur Kerry incident and jointly read the preamble to the Constitution of India.

Addressing the gathering, State Food and Civil Supplies Minister Viswajeet Kadam said all the farmers in the country should stand by as the BJP-led government was abusing the country’s farmers.

The BJP-led central government, through their dictatorship, has enacted laws against farmers. Farmers are protesting, but the country’s prime minister is not worried about them. But BJP party workers and supporters of the son of a Union minister are running after the protesting farmers, ”Kadam said.

He said the voice of the farmers was being silenced and the citizens of the country could not remain silent when injustice was done to the farmers. “The MVA government has waived loans to farmers in the state, but the BJP government is trying to destroy the farmers. We have to stand up for the farmers as the central government acts only for the selected industrialists. We have to work together with the BJP government to get rid of it by fighting against it,” he said.

City NCP chief Prashant Jagtab said the BJP came to power in the country by making false promises. They have an agenda to make selected businessmen rich and make the poor miserable. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has decided not to listen to the farmers and is taking decisions against them,” he said.

City Congress leader Ramesh Bagwe said his party was fighting in a democratic way to save the farmers. “We will continue to fight until justice is done for the farmers,” he said.

City Shiv Sena chief Sanjay More said the bandh was well received by all communities in the city.

As Congress leader Mohan Joshi closed the PMBML bus service, hotels, restaurants and shops also took part in the ballot, a successful attempt to condemn the violence against farmers.

Meanwhile, the city’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) denounced the opposition’s “concern for farmers” as “fake” in a press release.


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