Nearly a year into his presidency, Biden is battling to resurrect the virus.


WASHINGTON – The recent rise of the corona virus is yet another reminder to President Biden how difficult it is for the epidemic to progress.

The effectiveness of the vaccine has been reduced by the attack of Delta and Omigran. The increase in demand for testing makes the system more difficult. And masks are a political issue across the country.

Almost a year after he became president, Mr. Biden’s promise to “shut down the virus, not the country” was only partially fulfilled. Stubborn opposition to the vaccine among millions and the arrival of a fast-spreading new variant have boosted the president’s plans for a promising, year-end holiday season.

A week before Christmas, Mr. Biden had to issue a warning of darkness.

“We are seeing a winter of severe illness and death – if you do not get vaccinated – they will soon drown themselves, their families and hospitals,” he said. Biden told the White House on Thursday. “The whole point is: Omigron is here, it’s starting to spread very fast at the beginning of the year, and the real security is getting your shots.”

Mr. Neither Pitano nor his top advisers are issuing drastic new warnings where they are expected to be at this point this year.


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