New Delhi: A woman victim of a rape case has been fined Rs. 251 smartphone fraudster


Rs. 251 Three people are to be arrested by the Delhi Police Crime Branch for allegedly threatening a woman who was raped by a man behind a smartphone scam for a year.

The accused – Mohit Goyal, Sumit Yadav and Vinith – were involved in 50 fraud cases, police said on Saturday. They wanted revenge on Vikas Mittal, a rapist, and decided to threaten the victim by posing as a rapist.

Last August, a woman in Dwarka was reported to have been raped by Mittal. Mittal was arrested at the IGI airport. However, the victim had been receiving death threats from unidentified persons regarding the rape. A month later, an unidentified man grabbed the victim near the Civil Lines metro station and threatened him. A case was registered with the help of an ‘eyewitness’ Sumit Yadav, who was later ‘shot’.

In December 2020, the Supreme Court transferred the case to the Criminal Division and ordered the arrest of the men who threatened the woman and Yadav. An investigation was launched into the threatening calls and the suspects were identified, but they continued to change hideouts.
JCP (Crime) Alok Kumar and his team first arrested Vinith (31) from Gurgaon. He confessed to harassing the rapist and said he was working with Yadav and Goyal. Goyal was arrested in Noida and Yadav in Chandigarh.

During the investigation, the police found out that Goyal was Mittal’s brother-in-law and was in a business dispute with him. When Mittal was charged with rape, Goyal planned to arrest him and summoned the rapist.

His allies flew to Ujjain to monitor Mittal’s movements. When he was arrested, they planned to target Mittal and further intimidate the victim. Police also found that Goyal Yadav was an eyewitness.

Goyal is behind the ‘country’s cheapest smartphone’ scam. He founded Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. and launched the Freedom 251 smartphones at affordable prices under the Government of India’s Digital India program. Police said he was involved in 48 fraud cases.

He told police he suspected Mittal was behind his initial arrest and planned to retaliate. He joined his staff Yadav and Vinith.

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