New video reveals: ‘Former MP’s nephew was in an SUV’



The death of the late former Congress Rajya Sabha member Akhilesh Das was one of three SUVs allegedly run over by protesting farmers in Lakhimpur Kerry on Sunday, according to an eyewitness in a new video released on Wednesday.

Four farmers were killed in the incident.

Police are verifying the authenticity of this video.

In the video, a police officer believed to have been shot after the incident appears to be asking questions to an injured man.

He says he was in the same SUV with Ankit Das, a Lucknow-based businessman and son-in-law of a former MP who is said to be close to the family of Union Home Minister Ajay Mishra.

An FIR has been registered against Union Minister’s son Ashish Mishra following the deaths of farmers and four more deaths in the ensuing violence.

In the video, the man, who had visible head injuries, claims to have been in a second SUV – the Fortuner, along with four others, including Ankit. To the police officer’s question, he gives Fortune’s registration number and says it belongs to Ankit.

He claimed to be from the Sarbagh area of ​​Lucknow and had been looking after Ankit’s accounts. He says he went to work in Lakhimpur Kerry with Ankit.

When a policeman asked him about Marmendra Thar, it moved in front of the fortune teller and managed to escape from the place, the man denying any knowledge.

“Wo ake tar sub ke upar sattade hu ja rahe di, hum peeche di (the tar in front runs over everyone, our vehicle was behind it),” he says.

When asked who is in the tar, he says, “Baiya ke saat the, Ungo malum (they were with Baiya, he knows).” He is said to have referred to Angie.

Ankit did not respond to calls from The Indian Express to respond to requests made in the video.

Additional Director General of Law and Order Prasanth Kumar said the investigating officer would review all the videos related to the incident and then take a decision on them.

A committee has been set up under the Additional Superintendent of Police to assist in the investigation of two cases registered in connection with the Lakhimpur Gary incident. The committee has asked the public to provide information, audio, video or any other evidence related to the incident, Kumar said.

He said financial assistance had been provided for the funerals of all those who died in the incident and as promised by the government. Restrictions on movement in the district have been relaxed.


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