No one will say no to India if it is in the same situation


Usman Khawaja, a Pakistani-born Australian cricketer, says “money talk” and that no team should tour India but that rejecting jobs in Pakistan or Bangladesh is “easy for players and organizations”.

England’s pursuit of New Zealand away from the Pakistan tour is a major blow to the country’s efforts to bring international cricket back, considering security.

I think it is very easy for the players and organizations to say no to Pakistan because it is Pakistan. I think the same thing applies if it is Bangladesh. But if they were in the same situation, no one would say no to India, “said Khawaja, according to the Australian Associated Press.

“Money speaks, it’s all we know, it’s probably a big part of it. They keep proving over and over again through their matches that they are a safe place to play cricket. I think there is no reason why we should not go back,” he said from Pakistan at the age of five. The cricketer who went to Australia with his family said.

Kawaja said he was going to Pakistan to play happily. Australia is scheduled to tour Pakistan next year.

“There is a lot of security. Heavy, heavy security. I have not heard anything other than reports of people being safe.

“Even talking to guys about what it was like during the PSL … they would tell me the same thing ’10 years ago, maybe not, but now 100 percent ‘.”

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