Nordje appreciates Bond’s sense of play and says he can plan what’s going to happen next.


He may have played only one match under Rishabh Punt at the moment but South African fast bowler Anrich Nordje was impressed by the Delhi Capitals’ reading ability.

The world’s fastest bowler Nordje missed the first round of the IPL due to injury.

The match against Sunrisers Hyderabad, where he got 2/12, was the first game he played under Punt.

“It’s hard to say after a game. But overall, he’s good at understanding the game from what I’ve seen. He’s a keeper and sees things differently,” Nordje said before the Capitals match against the Rajasthan Royals.

“He’s very observant of what’s going on in the game, especially being a good captain.

“It’s great to be good at angles and to anticipate where the fielders should be placed and what’s going to happen, and keep him behind,” Nordje said of playing under his new captain Shreyas Iyer.

Undoubtedly, Nordez is currently the fastest bowler in world cricket and has bowled in the first eight fast bowlers of the IPL, including 150 plus thunder.

The maximum speed recorded in this IPL is 151.71 kmph.

“I don’t think about the speed of bowling on the field, but I think about it when I do my strength training. Speed ​​is not something I look for on the field. I try to hit the right length when I bowl during a game.

Having Kagiso Rabada as a new ball partner helped him as their relationship grew stronger over the years.

“Keji learned a lot. We are very comfortable with each other and our relationship grew when we got along well.

“We chat about simple things like off-stump, clich ,s, figuring out how to do it, knowing what you’re saying to each other, creating it. How he throws the ball in certain situations on certain wickets,” Nordje said of the benefits of Rabada in his corner.

When asked about his experience working with head coach Ricky Ponting, Nordje said, “I like his chats, he breaks things down very nicely and understands everything easily.”

“He is clear on what he wants. I try to learn as much as I can from him. We are happy to work with him and hopefully, we can grow as a unit with him.

When asked if he shared some tricks of the trade with young fast bowler Awesh Khan, the Proteas fast bowler spoke waxily about Indian yorkers.

“Some of us are watching how Avesh lands his yorkers and how he does things. He was very nice to us.

“In the first half of the season in India he was very happy to land his Yorkers. He is very happy to progress as a bowler.

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