“Not really my tea cup”: MS Dhoni responds to fans inquiring about Chennai Super Kings captain’s Bollywood aspirations


"Not really my tea cup": MS Dhoni responds to fan inquiries about Chennai Super Kings skipper Bollywood aspirations

MS Dhoni spoke to his fans during a live session on YouTube on the official page of CSK.. Instagram

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) captain MS Dhoni spoke about his Bollywood aspirations while answering a fan question involving several CSK members including Deepak Sahar, Shardul Thakur and Imran Tahir during a franchise event. When the fan posed the question, Dhoni responded quickly. “Can we expect to see you in Bollywood in the future?” The fan asked. Dhoni, in his humble style, explained that acting in Bollywood was not his “tea cup” and that there were enough advertisements for him to go on that field.

“You know Bollywood is not really my tea cup. As far as commercials are concerned, I enjoy doing them. When it comes to movies, it is a very difficult profession and very difficult to manage,” Dhoni replied.

“I will allow movie stars to do that because they are good. I will stick to cricket. The only thing that can get me so close to acting is advertisements, nothing more than that,” he added.

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Sahar did not drag his captain’s leg and select commercials and star in films. He noted on the cheek:

“There’s more money in advertising than in movies.”

Tahir responded slightly: “Bollywood can’t buy Dhoni mat.”


Apart from his inquiry into Dhoni’s ambitions in Bollywood, the fan also displayed a beautiful self portrait of Dhoni.

Dhoni was thrilled to see the painting and agreed to the fan’s request to gift the portrait in person to the CSK captain whenever he came to Chennai or Kerala.

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