Olivia Munn and John Mulani reveal the baby


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Previously posted an Instagram photo showing baby Malcolm wearing a blue beanie and sleeping in a fluffy blanket.

“My Golden Ox Baby. Malcolm Hip Mulani. Happy Holidays,” front, 41, headlined the post.

Before having a baby, the actress talked about their initial fears as the couple prepares for their new life on the show “Today” in November.

“We talk about the same things. Which rocker? What kind of cradle do you put the baby in? What does the baby wear?” He told Hoda Kotb on the Today Show. “Honestly, thank God for Instagram and Facebook and blogs, because there are so many moms posting great information like this, it’s a saving grace for me.”

The couple gave birth to their first child on November 24 in Los Angeles, p.
When she appeared on “Late Night with Seth Myers” in September, Mulani Mulani first announced that she was expecting a baby.
The former “Saturday Night Live” writer first met before Myers’ 2013 wedding, but things turned romantic after Mulani left rehab for drug use.

“Olivia and this baby helped save me from this early journey,” Mulani, who is now relaxed, said during the show.

Mulani announced in May that he was divorcing visual artist Anna Marie Tendler. The couple has been married since 2014.


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