Omigron is more contagious, said top scientist Dr Kagandeep Kang in 5 points


Govind-19: Dr. Kagandeep Kang explains what we know so far about Omigran

New Delhi:
Dr. Kagandeep Kang, India’s foremost biomedical scientist, explains what the new corona virus strain, Omigron, is a variant of anxiety. Omicron has more mutations than any other variation seen in the past, Dr Kang told NDTV.

Here are 5 important tips about Dr. Kagandeep Kang’s Omicron:

  1. “Mutations are numerous, and they are located on the surface of the virus, where it is responsible for binding to the virus, and where the antibodies bind. In addition, there are mutations in areas known as’ T’s. There are half a dozen places, but all of these are considered together because we clearly have more potential for spread and potential. Immune escape. “

  2. Looking at the ‘R Knot’ of the viruses, the ‘R Knot’ of the Wuhan variant of the ancestor is estimated to be somewhere between 2.5 and the delta (variant) 6.5 and 8. There are estimates that this variant (Omigron) may be. Many times it may be delta, I think it is unlikely, but it seems like a very contagious variant. For example, measles 15 is the ‘R’ and the most contagious virus we know. (Omicron) must be between 8 and 15. If it’s more than 15, it’s a virus that affects practically everyone who comes in contact with it. “

  3. “Fortunately, in India, we have a small advantage, because many of our people have been infected before even being vaccinated. And we know that the combination of vaccine and infection gives you broader immunity. So we may be lucky.”

  4. “I’m not too worried about vaccinating people .It’s important that the virus spreads and spreads, frankly. But that’s something we need to look out for. “

  5. “High spread does not mean high intensity. Some of the contagious viruses we have do not cause serious illness, so if we are lucky, this (Omicron) may be the most contagious but not the most serious. Not as harsh as viruses. “


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