On Broadway, Covit tries to steal every show.


Theatrical actors have long been proud of themselves in acting despite infections and injuries singing through hardship and dancing through pain.

Not anymore.

The corona virus epidemic has elevated the theater industry’s long-standing “show must continue” philosophy, replacing it with a safety-first strategy. Conclusion: Canceled to an unprecedented extent.

Wednesday, “Tina,” a jukebox song about Tina Turner, Canceled both of its shows; “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” a stage sequel to the novel, Canceled its matinee, And “Hamilton” Canceled its evening show. A new music adaptation of “Mrs. Suspicion ”was already there Canceled four shows Between Sunday and Wednesday, Lynn-Manuel Miranda’s development team “Freestyle Love Supreme” Canceled Three, And “No More Pride,” Temptations Jukebox Music, Canceled one. At a Off Broadway theater across the street, the strong-selling revival of “Little Shop of Horror” canceled four shows last weekend.

Everyone has quoted Govt.

They are not the first, and certainly not the last, after a long and damaging epidemic shutdown that has kept theaters in the dark for more than a year.

Fans sad, frustrated, buzzing, but also understanding. Industry leaders say the repeal shows their commitment to security, although it is worrying.

The Broadway League, a trade body representing producers and theater owners, noted that most shows are still running. As of Sunday, there had been 2,351 Broadway shows watched by 2.3 million people since returning to the theater in late summer.


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