One with “real to reel” moments shared by cricket legends


83: Holders of 'Real to Reel' moments shared by cricket legends

Ranveer Singh A Still 83. (Courtesy Ranveer Singh)


  • 83 was released in theaters on Friday
  • Kabir Khan is directing the film
  • The film is produced by Deepika Padukone

New Delhi:

Kabir Khan 83 Has hit all the right references. The film, which chronicles the events of the 1983 World Cup, sends many Indians on a journey of nostalgia. This applies not only to the fans, but also to those heroes who were part of the historic success. From Kapil Dev to Mohinder Amarnath, former heroes have shared stories (mostly fun). Where can we find them? On Ranveer Singh’s Instagram timeline. The actor has shared several videos under the “Real to Reel” series.

Curious to know what’s going on in these videos? In one of them, Kapil Dev shares the background of how Madan Lal expelled the Great Vivian Richards of the West Indies. Ranveer Singh calls it “the inner story of Madhiba’s revenge”. Info: Punjabi singer Hardy Chandu plays Madan Lala on screen.

This is not the only “Real to Reel” video on Ranveer Singh’s list. He added another clip of Sandeep Patil recalling Kapil Dev’s fascination with the English language. Standing on a podium next to former batsman and middle-order batsman Ranveer Singh, Kapil Dev shared how he wanted to deliver exciting speeches in English while the team was on tour. Sounds normal, doesn’t it? But not because English is not Kapil Dev’s subject.

The video was interrupted by a scene from the movie. In 83, Ranveer Singh as Kapil Dev,Speaking English to the team, everyone is confused. The scene and the memory of Sandeep Patil made the fans laugh. Ranveer Singh wrote in the title, “Language Nahi Emotions Go Samjo (Understand emotion, not language)! “

Watch the video here:

There was also a “Real to Reel” broadcast to commemorate Mohinder Amarnath’s semi-final match. Mohinder Amarnath, who was the man of the match in that match, recalled the dangerous shots played by Yashpal Sharma against a bowler who was in a heated argument with a bowler. The incident was brought to the silver screen by Jatin Sarna as Yashpal Sharma and Saqib Salim as Mohinder Amarnath.

It’s time for Krishnamachari Srikanth’s funny story. He recalled the day when Kapil Dev said that we will win the match against West Indies. The team members thought the captain was “crazy”. Praising Kapil Dev, Srikanth added, “Someone won the World Cup. He is so confident – Kapil Dev.”

Even after 38 years, the mysterious delivery of Keerthi Azad to send England all-rounder Ian Botham to the pack is still unresolved. Keerthi Azad, who described the whole incident, admitted, “Honestly, I still don’t know how it happened.”

Another incident about Kapil Dev is waiting for your attention. This was shared by former middle-order bowler Palwinder Singh Chandu. During the final against the West Indies, Kapil Dev said some bowling tips to Palwinder Chandu.Border Nahi Johnny Sahiye. Maine Fielding Lakai High – There, there and there.[TheballshouldnotgotowardstheborderIhavesetthefield-thereandthereandthereyouhavetoseewhat’snext’:[Theballshouldnotgotardstheboundary[பந்துஎல்லையைநோக்கிசெல்லக்கூடாதுநான்களத்தைஅமைத்துள்ளேன்-அங்கேஅங்கேமற்றும்அங்கேசரிஅடுத்துஎன்னநடந்ததுஎன்பதைஅறியநீங்கள்இங்கேஉள்ளகிளிப்பைப்பார்க்கவேண்டும்:[Theballshouldn’tgotowardstheboundaryIhavesetthefield-therethereandthere”Welltoknowwhathappenednextyoumusttakealookatthecliphere:

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