O’Neill launches his own NFT collection at NBA Star Shock with Ethernet Chain



NBA star Shock O’Neill has announced that he will be collecting his own fungus-free tokens in conjunction with the Eternity Chain. Entitled “Shock O’Neill: The Eros of Dominance Collection”, the Los Angeles Lakers will feature five separate NFTs featuring scenes featuring four-time champions at the Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat. October 15. NFTs run on the site Ethernity, which has launched NFTs for athletes in the past, including the collection of recently retired boxer Manny Pacquiao.

CoinDesk reports that buyers of digital collections will also receive additional offers. This includes a personal video call with Shock O’Neill, a favorite pair of shoes and a dinner table booking at his music festivals.

In May, when the Ethereum Layer 2 operating system launched Mohammed Ali’s collection of NFTs, the athlete praised Ethernity on Twitter, which may be particularly for potential collaboration. Speaking to CNBC in early September, Shock O’Neill said he did not want to go into cryptocurrency before gaining a clear understanding of how cryptocurrencies work. But O’Neill made his formal entry later in the month after acquiring two Creature World NFTs, one of which was still a profile picture of basketball players on Twitter.

The Eternity Chain, meanwhile, is trying to get into NFTs and handle more athletes for adoption. Earlier this year the market platform introduced NFTs with Argentine football superstar Lionel Messi in August this year under a package dubbed Messers. That publication alone sold $ 3.2 million (approximately Rs. 23.8 crore) in an hour.

The NFT market for basketball fans is actually quite extensive. NBA Top Shot, for example, is an official blockchain-based platform launched in 2019 and dedicated to game fans who want to buy, sell and trade number versions of specific, officially licensed video features.

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