Password Manager releases Google shortcut to access passwords that auto-fill on iOS devices



October is Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month, and Google is launching this opportunity to share some updates on security measures for accounts and apps. In a blog post the company announced that it was adding a shortcut to its password manager with easy access to other updates.

In an effort to protect its users’ data from potential cyber-attacks, Google has released a feature that allows users to access all passwords stored in the Google Password Manager right from the Google Apps menu.

What’s new?

Previously, users could go to the Internet (passwords. or find ‘saved passwords’ from Chrome settings.

Google now adds a shortcut to view all your passwords in the Account Switcher menu – making password managers accessible to millions of people who don’t even know where to find it in the first place.

Although Google can be used for auto-fill passwords in third-party applications on Android, the company has confirmed that it will soon release the option to auto-fill passwords on iOS devices.

Google plans to automatically register 150 million people in a blog post and force its two million YouTube creators to run its two-step authentication process, which requires a second factor, such as a Google password and OTP login code.

Passwordless authentication

Google has reminded its users of the introduction of a new login system for third-party processors called ‘One Tap’. Allows users to register or sign in with a single button using your Google Account. This feature is already found in apps like Reddit and Pinterest, but is coming out for more applications.


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