Penalize power plants for not keeping coal reserve for 30 days: Navjot Sidhu



Penalize plants for not keeping coal reserve for 30 days: Navjot Sidhu

Penalize plants for not keeping coal reserve for 30 days: Navjot Sidhu (file)


Punjab Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu on Sunday demanded action against private thermal power plants in the state for “punishing consumers” for not maintaining adequate coal reserves for power generation.

His comments came a day after the state-owned Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (BSPCL) was forced to reduce power generation and impose a load shed following a severe coal shortage.

“Punjab needs to be prevented and repaired, rather than prevented and repaired … punishing domestic consumers for not keeping coal reserves for 30 days, floating guidelines for private thermal power plants. It’s time to work on solar PPAs and roofs. Tweeted.

According to the guidelines of the Central Electricity Authority, power stations located at a distance of 1,000 km from the coal mine must have a coal reserve for at least 30 days but this condition is not maintained by power stations in the state.

A BSPCL official said on Saturday that power plants in the state were operating at low capacity due to lack of adequate coal supply.

Punjab Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny condemned the federal government for not having adequate coal supply and arrested the state government for shutting down thermal power plants in the state over the next two days as the supply of coal is declining rapidly.

He said that despite agreements with various subsidiaries of Coal India Limited, Punjab did not have adequate coal supply and asked the central government to immediately confirm the state’s coal allocation to deal with the power crisis.

The PSPCL on Saturday appealed to power consumers to save electricity in light of the “severe shortage” of coal in the country.

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