Pixel Watch to run next-generation Google Assistant OS to run on Exynos chip: report


It is said that Google will introduce the next generation of Google Assistant for Wear OS with the upcoming Pixel Watch. The company has not yet officially released this smartwatch, however, Google is said to be preparing to launch the first pixel-branded smartwatch with a string of codes in the processor. Google is said to be coding tags for some of its applications, pointing out specific features for pixel devices. According to a recent update, it features the tag “PIXEL_EXPERIENCE_WATCH” in the Google app, which is a first-party smartwatch with pixel branding.

9to5Google’s report is expected to introduce the Pixel Watch with features not initially available on other Wear OS watches. One of the expected features of the next generation of Google Assistant. This version is designed to increase speech recognition by enabling it on the device itself, rather than using Google’s servers. This feature is introduced with Pixel 4 and allows users to perform advanced tasks with their voice, such as filtering galleries in Google Photos. The next generation assistant is capable of changing phone settings while the device is offline. Significantly, the voice recognition feature in Wear OS is relatively slow.

The Pixel Watch is expected to be powered by a smartwatch chipset that will streamline the next-generation Google Assistant. According to the report, there are scattered hints in the code related to the Wear OS that the Pixel watch may have a Samsung Exynos chipset. Samsung has previously teamed up with Google to launch the Galaxy Watch 4 powered by the Exynos W920 SoC. It is unclear whether the Pixel watch will get the same chipset.

[Past leaks] It has been suggested that the upcoming Pixel watch has a circular display with no bezel design. This smartwatch is expected to be launched early next year under the code name ‘Rohan’. It’s designed to compete with the Apple Watch and costs more than Google’s Fitbit line.


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