Polcot introduces the first batch of paracetamol to activate the interoperable blockchain ecosystem


Polcatode, a popular open source blockchain site, has announced the launch of its first paracetamol, which aims to improve the ability to operate between multiple blockchains. Paracetamol, a unique blockchain that runs parallel to the Polcad environment in its network, has been in development for five years and marks the breakthrough for interconnected blockchain technology. Polkadot has introduced its top five paracetamol, with slot auctions starting on November 11th. Winners of the first auction will include parachute teams focusing on a variety of topics ranging from decentralized funds to investments and loans and smart contracts.

The top five winners of the auction are Akala, Moonbeam, Parallel Finance, Astor and Clover. They can lease a slot in the relay chain, the main blockchain of Polcot, for up to 96 weeks at a time. Dozens of protocols are increasingly visible as the ecosystem grows, especially with the new look of metawares. In that situation, there will not be one blockchain, but many interconnected chains.

In the end, Polkatot’s goal is to provide a total of 100 paracetamol slots. Some more slots will be allocated in blocks in the coming months, but not all seats will be allocated through the paracetamol slot auction, and some slots will be used for governance-enabled generic-good paracetamol and paradigms. “As more paracetamol groups integrate emerging solutions with Polcat, the network’s vision of a more diverse, decentralized and enabled Internet – Web3 – will become a reality,” Polcot said in a statement.

The next batch of Polkadot auctions will start on or around December 23rd. The second batch will feature a total of six auctions, with the six winning paracetamos coming on or around March 11, 2022.

“Paracetamol was introduced in Polcot, reflecting the peak of the original vision outlined in 2016 on the Polcot white paper (i.e. Polcad paper),” the Polcad team said in a statement.

“The Polkadot sheet outlined the key features of Polgadot and outlined the network’s fragmented multicase design. Who will approve? “

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