Police are asking the NIA to join the investigation



Police said they had written a letter to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) to join the probe a day after the arrest of a Pakistan-based terror suspect from East Delhi by the Delhi Police Special Cell. The man, Mohammad Ashraf Ali, was arrested on Monday night from Ramesh Park in Laxmi Nagar.

On Wednesday, police said they were investigating his role in the 2009-2017 terror attacks and bombing cases in Delhi and Kashmir. A senior police official said the NIA team that probed the 2011 Delhi High Court blast case had questioned him to confirm his role: “Ali identified one of the culprits in the blast case and said he worked with him. We spoke to the NIA and their officers interrogated Ali.

D.C.P. He lived in Delhi under the name of Ali Ahmed Noori and worked as ‘Pierre Mulana’. He said he was involved in bomb cases, but we need to check such claims. There is no evidence to link him. “

The Special Cell received information about Ali two months ago and a team led by ACP Lalit Mohan Negi found him hiding in Ramesh Park on Monday night. Police suspect he planned to carry out a criminal attack during the festive season. He is said to have trained with ISI in Pakistan before coming to India.

DCP Kushwah is said to have befriended Ali a mulana and used his contacts to extort money from his handlers without suspicion.

In his revelation, police said they recovered an AK-47 rifle, a hand grenade, two pistols and ammunition from his hideouts in the city. Police also found that the weapons, especially handguns and ammunition, were smuggled from the Indo-Pakistani border and made in China.

Meanwhile, residents of Ramesh Park recognized Ali but refused to talk about him. A shopkeeper, who did not want to be named, said, “I do not know his name is Ashraf. He recently moved here and comes to the store frequently. I think he worked near a factory. I do not know if he is a ‘Pierre Mulana’.

Ali’s former landlord, who lived in Shastri Park, 10-12 years ago, fears police action. His son Usaib Ahmed (23) said, “My father Nasir was scared by the news. Ali came here 10-12 years ago and lived here for a year. My father told me that Ali Ramesh works in the park. Back then he was not ‘Peer Mulana’; We do not know if he is from Pakistan. He asked my father to help me get the ration and Aadhar card. After he got his ID, he left in two-three months. We never asked him again … “


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