Police enjoy drunken meal at the wedding of Punjab Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny’s son.



Police have found the Punjab Chief Minister's son was intoxicated after enjoying drugs at his wedding

Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny’s son got married on Sunday in Mohali.

A senior police official said in a letter to the state’s top police that several uniformed policemen were drunk at the wedding of the Punjab chief minister’s son. The letter also pointed out several security holes. A police officer has also been suspended.

Navjit Singh, son of Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny, was married to engineering graduate Simrandir Kaur on Sunday at a gurudwara in Mohali.

Security holes were discovered on October 8 at the “Women’s Music Festival” organized at the Arista Resort in Mohali.

In a detailed letter to the Director General of State Police, the senior police officer says security arrangements were found to be deficient. Several armed personnel entered the uncontrolled area due to a “weak check” at the main gate.

The female participants in the ceremony were seen marching in plain clothes and consuming food and drinks in groups. A Gazetted Rank police officer was seen touching the feet of a minister, which was the most discussed topic according to the letter.

CCTV cameras were not installed to monitor VIPs and “special persons” getting out of their vehicles. “This way anyone in a VIP blanket can enter the place,” the letter added.

Mr. Commandos assigned to Sunny’s security were “mostly busy watching videos on their phones”, and some of the security guards assigned to his care were found to be drinking. Staff parked at the entrance gates also left their duties before the ceremony was over.

Some unauthorized personnel also crossed the Chief’s safety ring.


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