Prime Minister Modi on the new Omigron Govt variant at the winter session of Parliament


'Be careful': Prime Minister Modi on the Omigron variant in the winter session of Parliament

Prime Minister Modi said that 100 crore vaccine doses have been given since the last session.

New Delhi:

Speaking before the start of the winter session of Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the people to be wary of the new Govt variant ‘Omigron’. He held a Govt review meeting over the weekend amid concerns about the new strain seen in South Africa.

“Reports of a new variation are further alerting us. I urge all Parliament and all of you to be vigilant as the health of every citizen is a priority in this time of crisis,” Prime Minister Modi told reporters ahead of the meeting in his usual remarks. .

Prime Minister Modi said that since the last session, more than 100 crore vaccines have been given and the country is now moving towards 150 crore.

The WHO on Friday declared Omicron a “variant of anxiety”, placing new twists on the more complex variants of the Covid genre with delta and its weaker competitors alpha, beta and gamma.

As lawsuits erupt in Botswana, Italy, Hong Kong, Australia, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Canada, Israel and the Czech Republic, the government is planning tougher travel rules and checks for visitors.

The cases in Hong Kong are of particular concern because both patients (from South Africa) were isolated in separate rooms, suggesting that variant B.1.1.529 goes in the air.

Many countries have already imposed travel bans and restrictions on flights to and from South Africa and neighboring countries.

In his meeting with officials and experts on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is said to have called for a review of plans to ease travel restrictions.

He stressed the need to monitor all international visitors and to conduct Govt tests focusing on those coming from ‘endangered’ countries by the Ministry of Health.

Omigran has been red-flagged for “an enormously high number of mutations,” which can lead to increased resistance to vaccines, increase transmission, and lead to more severe symptoms.


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