Priyanka Gandhi blames Prime Minister Modi and the BJP in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh


Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi held a rally in Amethi today.

New Delhi:

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP at a party rally with her brother Rahul Gandhi on Saturday, raising the death toll during the second wave of Govt-19 and rising prices.

“What did the BJP do during the first wave of COVID-19? The party was responsible for the shortage of oxygen cylinders,” he said, adding that many deaths during the second wave were due to lack of adequate medical supplies such as oxygen. .

He also took issue with the BJP’s frequent accusation that the Congress had done little for India after independence 74 years ago, saying, “What has the Amethi (BJP) government done for seven years?

He said people were suffering because of rising prices and why his son, Interior Minister Ajay Misra Theni, who was accused of killing protesting farmers, had not yet been fired. The web of lies has been spreading since the formation of the BJP regime in the Center and the state.

Gandhi Vadra has made promises since his party came to power in the state in the Assembly elections to be held early next year, waiving all farmers’ debts and creating 20 lakh jobs.

“Congress will waive the debts of all farmers and small traders.

“In case of illness, the government will provide Rs. The present government has misled the people.

The rally of Gandhi and his brother in Amethi was well attended and it was meticulously observed that Rahul Gandhi had been the stronghold of the Congress for many years by representing that constituency in the Lok Sabha for 15 years before being defeated in 2019. He also competed simultaneously from Kerala.


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