PUBG: New State Reveals First Post-Update Update With Over 45 Million Downloads Worldwide


PUBG: New State Developer Crofton has unveiled the first major update since its launch, as the game has surpassed more than 45 million downloads worldwide. The update is now available for Android and iOS users. To celebrate the winter holidays, Crafton has introduced a new lobby theme in the game. Survivor Pass Module. 2, a new weapon, new weapon customization and new vehicles have been added along with waves of game updates and upgrades as part of the update.

Here is a list of key features available in PUBG: New status following the latest update:

Survivor Pass Module. 2

Survivor Boss is based on the game character Bella, a part of the Dream Runners Faction. Players can complete various story tasks in order to earn all of Bella’s costumes. Players also have the option to upgrade to the Premium Pass to receive additional vehicle skins and utensils, as well as a 1,500 NC refund once the pass level reaches 48.

New vehicles

Two new vehicles are coming to PUBG: New State. One is the Electron a six-seater electric minibus that offers longer lifespan compared to other vehicles in the sport. The other is the Mesta a classic sports car with two seats, which accelerates and accelerates. Electron is available at Troy and Training Ground, while Mesta Troy is available at Erangal and Training Ground.

New weapon

Following the upgrade, soldiers will now be able to obtain the new assault rifle L85A3 with minimal setback. Although its fire rate is lower than the others in the game, the L85A3 delivers the most damage output of all game assault rifles that use 5.56mm ammunition.

Extended gun customization

Added new customization options for M416, SLR and L85A3 weapons. Players can now add a longer barrel to the M416 to maximize damage at the expense of increased vertical recoil. The SLR is equipped with a 5.56mm barrel, which can increase firing accuracy at the expense of minimal damage.

Players will be able to equip the new L85A3 assault rifle with a vertical forearm bypad, which will reduce vertical retraction and provide more restrained retreat when bent or prone. However, the ADS speed of the L85A3 will be reduced when using the Vertical Foregrip Bipod.

Merit Point System

The new Merit Point System has been introduced to promote positive play. If players are reported for negative behavior such as Team Kills, they will lose merit points. If their qualifying points fall below a certain limit, they will not be able to play in squad mode until they increase their total merit points over time through individual play.


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