Pune: ATM thieves make Rs 6 lakh in town



Pune rural police said robbers disposed of a cash machine at an ATM kiosk in Pune district’s Town taluka and looted more than Rs 6 lakh. Police said the robbers blackened the security cameras inside the ATM with black spray.

The ATM is located in Katki village in Down taluka, 85 km from Pune, a Mumbai-based non-bank payment service provider run by a local owner.

The ATM theft came to light early Sunday morning, when some state home guards who passed by reported to police about broken glass and scattered items at the ATM kiosk. The FIR was registered at the Town Police Station within the Pune village boundary on Sunday.

Daund Police Station Inspector Vinod Kuke said, ‚ÄúThere are no security guards at the ATM. We are working on various traces available. “

Preliminary investigation revealed that the suspects had discarded the cash dispenser and fled in a vehicle with it. The distributor had cash worth Rs 6.4 lakh. Authorities said the robbers could not dispose of the machine without tools and may be familiar with the surroundings.

In a similar heinous robbery at the ATM kiosk of the same non-banking service provider, on July 21, the robbers launched an explosive device using an improvised explosive device (IED) near Sakan and escaped with Rs 28 lakh.


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