Pune: Robbers use SUV to evict ATM cash distributor, police are investigating a similar robbery link


PUNE Rural Police are investigating two consecutive cases of ATM breakdowns in which an SUV was used to knock out a cash distributor with a rope before the robbers fled with a large number of units. Investigative teams suspect the same culprits in both cases.

In the latest two robberies, the robbers targeted an ATM kiosk in Daunt taluka of Pune district, where they pulled out a cash dispenser with the help of a rope and pulled it by an SUV. The distributor had more than Rs 6.42 lakh in cash. The suspects blackened the security cameras with spray paint before removing the machine. There were significant similarities in this gap with another incident that took place within the jurisdiction of the Shirur police station four days ago — an SUV of the same product, the same mode of operation and a faster execution.

The ATM kiosk in Down is operated by a local owner of a Mumbai-based non-bank payment service provider.

The burglary, which occurred around 3 a.m. Sunday, did not come to light until Sunday afternoon, when state Home Guards who passed by informed police of broken glass and scattered items outside the ATM kiosk. The FIR was registered at the Town Police Station within the village limits of Pune. Authorities say the robbers could not have been robbed without detailed knowledge of the surroundings.

Inspector Vinod Kuke, who is in charge of the Daund police station, said, “There are no security guards at the ATM or there is an alarm system.”

Shirur police station inspector Sureshkumar Rawat said, “There are many similarities between the case in Down and the case in our jurisdiction four days ago. The same SUV used, the robbery time and the shortest time the suspects performed the robbery. There may be the same culprits behind the two break-ins. We are coordinating with the Inquiry Committee in Down.

The ATM in Shirur is owned by another non-banking company and operated by a local owner.

Pune Village Superintendent of Police Abhinav Deshmukh said, “These cases are being investigated jointly by Down and Shirur. We noticed that many ATMs did not have adequate security measures, guards or alarm systems. In some recent cases, we have also found that these cash distributors are not properly fixed on the ground. Adequate measures like this continue despite repeated notices. But some banking companies have significantly increased their security measures over the past few months. Many have also installed central alarm systems and control rooms.

In the third week of July, the local crime branch of the Pune Rural Police arrested two persons earlier this month for similar thefts.

In that case the thieves instigated an explosion in the early hours of July 21 near Sakan using an IED-like conspiracy. The ATM kiosk was the same non-bank payment service provider that owns the kiosk that was the target of the dowry robbery.

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