Punjab Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny took the children on a helicopter ride


See: Punjab Chief Minister takes children on a helicopter ride

Punjab Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny flew in a helicopter with children


A group of children happily board a helicopter waiting in Punjab. As they sit in their seats, they look around excitedly and shake hands with people. Soon, the door closes, and the helicopter prepares to take off. One of the passengers was Punjab Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny.

It was his idea to rotate children in a helicopter.

“People’s Government … Glad to share the helicopter ride with the children in Morinda. My aim is to ensure a bright and prosperous future for them by providing equal opportunities in all fields,” the Chief Minister tweeted.

He released a video showing them getting ready for a fun flight.

“I’m having so much fun,” one of the kids tells the reporter.

Another said, “This is my first flight on any plane. I’m excited.”

The chief said more children would be taken on the second flight.

With just months to go before the Punjab Assembly elections, Mr Sunny took over as Punjab Chief Minister in September following the resignation of Captain Amarinder Singh.

While Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party or Aam Aadmi Party is struggling to stay in power, it will try to gain a foothold in the state. The Siromani Akali base is also looking to score big this time around.

Captain Amarinder Singh may be another threat to Congress. He declared his own party and stated that he would form alliances with others, including the BJP.


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