Punjab’s Saranjit Singh Sunny wants Aam Aadmi Party and Akali Dal to be wiped out in 2022 elections


Punjab's Saranjit Sunny wants Aam Aadmi Party and Akali Dal to be wiped out in 2022 elections

Saranjit Singh attacked AAP and SAD while addressing a rally in Sunny Barnala. (File)


Punjab Chief Minister Saranjit Singh Sunny on Saturday slammed the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and the Siromani Akali Dal (SAD) and asked the people to wipe them out of the fray in the forthcoming assembly elections in the state.

He accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former chief ministers Amarinder Singh and Badals of “joining hands to barter the interests of the state of Punjab, be it agriculture, industry or the common man”.

Addressing a public rally in Barnala, Mr Sunny called on the public to identify these “suspicious politicians, those in hell who are emotionally exploitative.”

If Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal comes to power, every woman in the state will get Rs. He was attacked for claiming “high claims” of providing 1,000 funding.

To show how many women in Delhi this relief has been extended, Mr. Sunny dared to come out with facts and figures.

Similarly, Mr Sunny said that the people of Punjab were intelligent and that this time they would not be deceived by Kejriwal’s false promises and that he and his party were “completely exposed by inefficiency”. Eleven of the 20 Aam Aadmi Party MLAs have already converted their allegiance to other political parties.

He added that NRIs have now realized that they are a party with “empty” claims that have a distant interest in the state’s key issues.

The Punjab Chief Minister asked Kejriwal to indicate how many farmers in the agriculture sector in Delhi have received loan waivers or free electricity.

He accused Mr Kejriwal of “making irresponsible speeches to pursue his own interests by spreading false information about the non-implementation of recent pro-people decisions taken by his government”.

Mr. Sunny challenged the people to tell him about the current prices of petrol and diesel, and that the electricity tariffs offered to various types of consumers in his state are “much higher than in Punjab”.

Mr Sunny, who coached SAD leader Zubair Singh Badal, said the father-son duo and his wife Harsimrat Kaur Badal were “instrumental” in enacting “strict laws”.

Mr Sunny also asked Mr Badal to refrain from threatening police and civil servants as they were doing their duty with due diligence.

He said he would not be addicted to such tactics to carry out the struggle at his official residence demanding the arrest of himself and his party.

Decades of “misrule for unforgivable sacrifices, daring to confront music for their” wrongdoings “to enrich their personal treasuries by virtually depleting the resources of the state, apart from the drug, traffic and cable mafia.

“This is the system of the cable mafia, which is now run by underworld supporters across the state, robbing people by monopolizing this business and thus reducing the state’s financial resources.”

Mr Sunny, who condemned Amarinder Singh for thanking Prime Minister Modi for announcing the repeal of three agricultural laws, said he had failed to understand how a true Punjabi could rejoice over the decision as about 700 farmers had been killed in a year-long struggle on the Delhi border. And in other parts of the state.

Meanwhile, Mr Sunny called on the protesters to stop climbing on the overhead water tank to pressure the state government to accept their demands.

“Whoever climbs on the overhead reservoir, I will not accept his request. An FIR can be registered against him,” Mr Sunny said.

Kejriwal’s statement came on Saturday when Kejriwal spoke to some protesting teachers sitting on top of an overhead reservoir in Mohali district.

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