Purab Kohli, second national affiliate, works with Keanu Reeves


The Matrix Renaissance: Purab Kohli, Second National Alliance, co-authored with Keenu Reeves

Still from Poorab Kohli from ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Trailer (Image courtesy: YouTube)


  • Purab Goli talks about his role in Hollywood
  • He opens up about working with Keanu Reeves
  • ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ is out on December 22nd

New Delhi:

Purab Kohli plays the game developer The Matrix Renaissance, Talked about his role Sense8 This helped him to play the role of Lana Wachowski The Matrix Renaissance. The film stars Priyanka Chopra as the ‘conspirator’. In an interview with NDTV’s Rohit Kilnani, Purab Kohli worked with his character and actor Keenu Reeves on episode 4. The Matrix Ownership. “It’s a dream come true and it’s like working The Matrix Renaissance It was easy for me because I knew Lana’s cast so well Sense8 Poorab Kohli said about the experience of working with The Matrix Ownership. Speaking about working with Keenu Reeves, Purab said, “It was a great moment working with the Hollywood star. I did a little filming with Keenu Reeves, he was one of the biggest stars in the world. When you’re with him, he’s on the right level with you. In an interview with NDTV’s Rohit Kilnani.

Talking about how he acted in the film, Purap shared that he did not audition for the film because the director knew his work. Sense8.

“I did not audition for ‘Matrix’ because I worked with Lana on ‘Sense8’, I auditioned for it twice and then read it before I acted. It was a tough one. But once Lana believed in me. I think it was a personal honor to think of me, “said Purab Kohli, PTI.

Purab Kohli made his Hollywood debut with Lana Wachowski Sense8 In 2014, it opened about how The Matrix Renaissance In an interview with PTI, he said it could open additional doors for him internationally.

Speaking of his character, he said, “I didn’t think I could be a part of it The Matrix That’s right, “Purab Kohli told PTI The Matrix Renaissance Internationally it can open additional doors for him, “This is such a great film, you are a part of it and a clearly noticeable part of it. I think it makes a kind of impression. Fingers crossed, people will see me cast. Great on big parts and big films like this as an actor. I hope I can run the parts, ”PTI said.

“The world is becoming more global, especially in the entertainment front where there are opportunities to see so many things and movies are passing by. So, I think this is a good time to put it where I am,” Purab Kohli said in his post. Stock The Matrix Renaissance, PTI reported.

With this, Purab Kohli was introduced Hip Hip Hurray Seen in Bollywood films in 1999 Air Lift, Rock On 2, Noor Among the more.

The Matrix Renaissance Keenu Reeves will be seen as Neo, Gary-on-Moss as Trinity, and Jada Pinkett as Smith Neo, and will also include Priyanka Chopra, Jessica Henwick, Christina Richie, Neil Patrick Harris and Jonathan Graf. The film will be released on December 22 in four languages ​​- Tamil, Telugu, English and Hindi.


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